Sack and Rag | Christmas Carol, Poem

Light of God's blessings

Shadows | Lunar Eclipse - December, 2011

Wish to be loved...

Is it a crime to fail ?

If I breathe I’ll die

Lust - The Insane Passion

Diwali - Good over evil, really?

Happy Diwali, Evil Wali

Engineering Anomalies | Caught in the wrong place

There are friends & strangers, there are no enemies

Rain Drops - Stars from the Sky | Poem

God - In Heaven and On Earth

Birthday Present | Missing Childhood

Out-Skirting freedom | SlutWalk, Fight for Freedom

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Who is the Bigger Culprit? | Delhi Transport Corporation or Pick Pockets

The Tragedy of an Indian Tragedy | A tale of two cities, Two Train Accidents

Can you say " It's all over " ? | End of a Life

The Withered Rose | Lost Love, Poem

Real Hero - You Decide | Swami Nigamanand, Baba Ramdev, Government and The People

Complaint Email to Airtel | Uncensored Version

The most beautiful thing about a Woman is that She's a Woman! | Pretty Woman a.k.a. Totta

The Google Doodle | Miss Martha Graham, May 11, 2011

Part II: The Judgement Day | Why you can’t do it right now?, Id Ego Super-Ego

Part I : The Judgement Day | End of World, Word of Bible, 21st May 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011-Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton | Emotions, Economy, And the People

I am Away | A Day Out of Life, Girlfriend and Boss can wait ;)

I wanna be with you | Distanced but not Apart, I Miss You, I Need You

A minute for our Country | Lokpal Bill, A Voice For Transparency- Against Corruption and Black Money

Before the doors get closed | Enigma of Love, Unrestricted Passion, Poem

Is There Anyone To make you " Happy "?

Types of Women! -10 | Types of Men! - LOL They All Are Same | A Women's Day Special

Ouh! This Breeze ♥ | Love Caresses, Love Connects, Love Holds Together, Poem, Video

Death Not Yet | Unsaid Words, Untold Stories, Tears Not Cried Out, Poem, Video

Destitution | Beautiful Sadness, Soothing Pain, Love, Poem, Video

IPU Exam Papers Leaked | HMR, Organisational Behaviour, Third Year, Information Technology

Love | Once - Twice - Thrice... Ouh Keep Going ;)

“What’s your religion, Babu?” | Christianity/ Islam/ Hinduism/ Atheist/ Something beyond your vision

60 Seconds Of Life | Life, Death, Love and more...

Revolution | Uprising, Resurgence, A Voice, Poem

My Multi Billion Dollar Birthday Bash

Rich India: I am talking Hard Cash