God - In Heaven and On Earth

God on earth God in heaven
God is omnipresent | (Click image to Enlarge)

Scriptures have long taught us that God existed in visibly active form. God has assumed an all powerful yet dormant form. He's always there around us, we can see him but we don't. He somehow has struck a right balance between what we should know about him and what we should not.

People sometimes end up questioning his very existence. If you observe closely there is a sweet analogy of what we have here on earth and what God has for us in his treasury. We might ignore a small pigeon on the roof, but when we see it spreading its wings across the clouds, shining with the sun. We start admiring it.

God prevails among us unnoticed on this very earth. Don't search in the clouds. Value him in every form he manifests himself in.

He is there..
He is here..

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