All I Had Was You !

To love someone is human, to be loved is nice, to be loved by someone who loves you is amazing...
Not many are as lucky..


All I Had Was You

Never had any riches,
Never had a shiny star..
All I had was love,
In my tender heart..

All I had was a tender heart,
That I secured like a treasure..
Never let it dream,
Never let it beat..

Tucked in safe within,
Beyond anyone’s purview..
It was impervious,
Only before I met you..

You thief you wretch,
Took it as if it was never mine..
And now I am hanged,
To the end of the vine..

My ever tweeting lips are silenced in your reminiscence,
My aggrieved and desolate soul breathes your essence..
I stretch my hand to grab your hold,
Mist and mist is all I’ve got..

Gave me few moments to cherish,
Then left me forlorn to perish..
A million tears I have cried,
I wonder if I ever smiled..

Deprived of snooze, my eyes crave for a sight,
Come on! Set my day bright..
Just give me a moment of rejoice,
Without a regret, I’ll embrace my demise..

Love is the deepest pleasure  if you have it..
Once you have it, Love is the deepest pain if you lose it..
It just happens, and becomes life… I wonder how, I wonder why…..
I just keep wondering and I know the answer is never gonna come to my head, probably it is there hidden somewhere within my heart…
Probably, Probably not !!

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