I ruined my own Name | Predicament of War (Poem, Video)


I ruined my own Name.
A wrecked body, devoid of soul,
Walking an abandoned road..
As I roar with my eyes,
To burn him in my fiery demise..

No wish to say,
No courage to hear..
Nothing to think,
No choice to fear..

No option to turn back,
Onslaught is the command..
Defeating the gales, the gravity,
Crossing the limits of insanity..

Lion seemingly mouth outcries,
Yelling the thunder of rival’s demise..
As sweat quenches searing gashes,
Blood satisfies earthly wretches..

Trapped within these walls of atrocity,
An innocent man stands for humanity..
Who doesn't know anger and hate,
Who wants peace to be his fate..

Humanity is what they mar,
This is the brutality of war..
The one kills is a human,
One who is killed is also a human..

a wounded sodier

It's something that kills me everyday. We waste so much on artillery, ammunition to protect our borders - Money, Time, Lives of several people in killing weathers and brutal Wars. But even after spending so much we still aren't safe. We still fear our neighbors. We are not sure when someone rages a war with nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction. We are cowards. We can't extend a hand of friendship. If we loose our ego, we can stumble down to earth to a sacred place where both the losers can win big. In Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan and the world over thousands of people starve to death, lack medical care, live in shambles and are deprived of education. We owe them something. They have a right, the right to live, to lead a life without fear. We can get nuclear weapons but not bread for the poor. Ridiculously funny!

A dream of a safe place to live in.

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