Transition Called Death

Alone \ man vs wild bear grylls All my friends wonder at me because I hardly watch any movies, not much TV. They talk about shows that 9 out of 10 would follow like doctor’s prescription, and stare at me in amazement when I don’t have a clue. I say to myself, Hey I watch TV but what I watch isn’t mainstream masala TV.
I watch programs like I was Bitten, I Shouldn’t be alive, Man vs. Wild… I wonder why? Most of my friends live life the way they should, I think of death more than them. How would it feel? How would that transition be like? Is there an afterlife? I know there is certainly one.

So here I land on my topic for the day. The Transition called Death! Life discriminates against people but death doesn’t. It is the end of all misery or joy.  You and I come across a million people every day, rich and prosperous, gifted with talents, blessed with luck but still there are very few people who are happy, who go to bed to rise up and live the day waiting for them at the other side of the night.
Do we value life?Rather Do we love life? The answer is a big NO! We don’t mind if we lose it especially at youth. Young men and women don’t care about the gift nature has thrown at their face.
Stormy Sky| Death

Why so? We don’t feel bound, the sense of responsibility. We don’t really bother about the state of our mother or father if we don’t reach home by midnight. We value their life more than ours but forget that her life lies within us. Her heart beats within us.

When I see those programs I tend to feel the essence of LOSS! How does it feel death feeding upon your loved ones? The tears trickle down, like blood if you sense them sour water if you don’t. The dying man is always at peace, watching his life reel fluttering in front of his heavy eyes. Those who care him bear the brunt of his peace. Seems as if God borrows peace from one and showers it over other.

near death experience When one is about to leave that pesky body and life, those prayers snatch him down from the vicious shackles. A huge sigh of relief, tears fall ceaselessly, hugs and kisses. It all happens, the most uncared person seems so dear, you don’t want him leave your sight even for a second. This is what fear of loss is. A big thing! We don’t value life, we never will, until we have a close shave across death. The feel that all this can end in a moment without a warning, without any forecast, without leaving a trace behind, is gruesome. It all can end in a flash. And one even might not get time to regret.
We don’t respect life, we never will. But we should learn valuing people and their care and concern for us. Lucky ones find a lot of such people around, some aren’t that lucky.
"Even if they don’t matter to you, care them if you matter to them."

After writing about it, I thought of reading some books on Death, And I picked up The Transition Called Death, by Charles Hampton. You may also like it.

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