Part I : The Judgement Day | End of World, Word of Bible, 21st May 2011

Time and again a lot has been said about the end of world the Judgment day as they call it. Now another theory has emerged that the world will end on May 21, 2011. The source of this information is not any unknown calendar but in fact it is the holy Bible, which has been there in your home and churches for ages. If this information was there intact I can't understand why it took us thousands of years to surface something so important to the very existence of mankind. We respect and learn the lessons of life, the way it should be lived from the holy Bible. But now an epic so harmless is warning us of our end.

Let us assume that you make a fine house spend two worthy years of your life, awesome amount of money, take dozens of calls a day, runabout shops and your house million times, you put all the effort that you can. And when it is ready, you get a professional interior designer to make it look as amazing within as it is outside. Spend your years of life in it. And suddenly you are hit by a thought that I need to destroy it. Can you believe that? Well I can't.
Judgment Day | The End of World
Judgement Day | End of World

You created something as inanimate as the house but you are still so emotionally connected with it that you can't even imagine to destroy it. Then how can God create such a beautiful masterpiece such amazing people, landscapes, scenic beauty, and colorful flora fauna with an ultimate aim to just destroy it. For me the very idea of the "Judgment Day” or the "End of World "is our folly and inability to understand the natural powers.

The only way we could find our end, is to bring it about ourselves. No meteor expectantly can destroy us, but yes, nuclear weapons can. As Bhagwad Geeta explains," Everything take takes birth, has to die one day". So surely, one day we will. But I can't imagine it to happen it this way. It can't end on any prediction from any predefined prophesy, be it the Maya Calender's 2012, or Nostradamus' World War III.

Time and again the way people come with the idea of the Judgment day and then see it fail, has almost blended our mindset to such an extent that even if the end of world is backed by any scientific research even then we won't be able to believe that. So does the very idea bother us in anyway? I don't think so but if tomorrow you are made to believe that the world will surely end, what will you do? Will you go about screaming in the streets? But you know that no one can actually help you because they are also in the same mess. Their minds are also paralyzed by the fact that what they have accumulated or accomplished over the years is now not going to follow them.

They lament what they could not achieve even after years of desire and hard work. Something left unsaid, some wounds not even cried at, some wishes that died an untimely death. Some achievements not celebrated, some moments not laughed at, a life dying an untimely death.” Death is not a painful experience, its fear is”. Death is a peaceful end to everything. Not many people fear death. We’ve come across a long way in our lives as much as we can’t imagine ourselves to cry in our last moments. Many of us would rather be celebrating the last day, like a superstar. One would like to do everything he could not do actually in his lifetime, when he really had ample time in his hand.

Part II : Why you can’t do it right now? 

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