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Whenever the word beauty comes to the fore, this piece emerges from my blog’s core. Beauty- A Mystery! Even after years of hard work of million poets, philosophers, and miss world competitions, I still believe beauty is a mystery.
We are so awestruck by the glitterati that we have lost the sense and feel of true beauty.
What is beauty?
Something that never diminishes, which is indelible by forces of time, that is beyond the limits of belief, which is beyond the reach of words.
Let’s explore the meaning of Beauty……

Beauty.....!! Who is it? What is it? Where is it?
Beauty isn’t something what shimmers on the face,
Beauty isn’t something that parlance can trace..
It is just a feeling that rests within our hearts,
Something too dear to keep apart..
Or something that gleams in the eye,
Something so dainty so divine..
Lusting for a single sight,
They squander a lifetime..
But this treasure is for only those to achieve,
Who have a pure heart for it to perceive..
Who dedicate each moment of their lives
Who live for others beyond their demises..

I feel beauty isn’t just a matter how a person looks rather how your looks change seeing that person. Even if a girl is amazingly pretty, if she’s nosy you won’t pull a chair for her. The beauty of a person lies in his/her ability to make you feel beautiful. Beauty is something which is unseen, unheard but felt, observed but indescribable, which exists around unacknowledged, which captivates you sometimes and drives you from bed to live another day in the morning. For a man the biggest driving force is a woman …(oops ;)) hang on. I mean the most beautiful part of a man’s life is always a woman. Be it your mother, sister, girlfriend, or just a friend. They make you feel great about yourself. A mother’s touch can relieve any pain. A young sister’s smile can clear your head of all worries and make your day. Kissing your girlfriend reduces levels of cortisol the stress hormone and boosts oxytocin. Kissing can also cause the adrenal glands to release epinephorine and norepinephorine (adrenaline and noradrenaline) into the blood, thereby causing an adrenaline rush, which has a beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system because the heart pumps faster. Aha! :D
I once read a quote,
Bachpan me maa, jawaani me biwi, or budhaape me paisa achha lagta hai..
I am still in my bachpan, I guess. Today, I am dwelling to search the beauty in woman. Well it’s everywhere :D. So I my research papers are as follow:

Oh My Gosh
sylvester stallone kareena kapoor kambakt ishq

 Yeah! The woman you look at and say, Oh Oh oh Oh Oh oh Oh My Gosh( Usher Style). Since 1700 BC poets have been and philosophers have been writing on tree bark about beauty of woman. Wonder what pushed them to write when no school teacher asked them to submit a project report and they were not getting grades for it. Many people associate beauty with the newly emerged size 0, many would say that is skinny. The beauty isn’t in the thin body she has, but in her resolute to get one. Trace amount of carbohydrates, tons of water, on top of it exercising day in and day out. Even Sylvester Stallone would die in such an effort.
Salute her resolute!
 When a woman goes to a beauty saloon you're talking about half a day of work, scrub, bleach, gold mask, silver mask, n number of beauty measures(where value of n is yet to be found). And the guru of all- The Bridal make up that takes around four hours and she's ready by 7pm and then sitting four hours without a movement till the proceedings get underway at around 11pm. Well that calls for some serious patience. How can you say, looks don't matter! They certainly do. Talking of men, a man considers him to be the most handsome guy ever born on planet on the day he shaves.

beautiful statue of indian woman

Women have always been the essence of culture and converse is also true. Your dad might not know a digit of ekadashi, dwadishi, but your mother always does. A girl lives her twenty years with her parents, then suddenly accepts a house not so familiar to be her family. She caresses her new home with same love and sense of responsibility. And one day, she would welcome her bahu with the pooja ki thali in her hands and smile on her face, same glitter in her eyes and wonderful wishes in her heart for the couple. Well that's the strength of a woman she derives from her culture. You can't leave inanimate things like your bike or mobile for a day, and she leaves her home, her family, her everything forever with tears of joy when she sits in her doli. And when some people harass their wives, I find no words for them in the dictionary.

 She respects and values her rituals and passes onto her children. Culture is not just about rituals, it is more about a way of life. A kid whose first word is ‘maa’ learns most of her way of life. It might be as simple as charansparsh, Namaste, Good Morning, or closing of eyes and positioning hands while praying but the beauty lies in the essence of such actions, it’s the way she brings up her kids to respect and love others.

beautiful Indian Women, indian culture

 God created a beautiful thing smile, which turns every ugly thing into a masterpiece of beauty. A girl with a chulbuli smile always seeps into your heart. We still live in an age where maa, behen words are used predominantly by men. I don’t mean to say, girls don’t love their mothers and sisters and men keep recalling them. I am pointing out of the desi swear words. However, there has been an upsurge in number of rising gaali queens. I saw an MTV video where gorgeous Delhi girls showcased some priced editions of maa behen words, which even I was unaware of. But you know what! Even such words sound hymns, when such beautiful lips utter them.
 A mother is one, who cleans the dirt of her child and feels no hesitation in that. A mother is one, who would wake up at 2am finding her child crying, she would clean him, and put him on her bed and would sleep on his wet one. We are humans, we've hands to do everything, a cow cleans the dirt of its calf by licking it off. A mother is beautiful in every specie, it is in her nature, that is how God has made her.


Sonia gandhi at work
 A lot of campaigns are led by various NGOs for women empowerment, asking for equal rights, reservations, and preferences for women. I argue, do they actually need it? Woman today are independent and can lead their life on their own. Women aren’t as needy as they were a century ago. There are woman who would leave their seats for old people in buses, there are young women who would make them leave seats... Some just keeping asking for undue favors, some stand tall with their self-respect!! To achieve equality you got to leave undue preferences you get. I must include a friends’ facebook status here:

India now ruled by Amma in South; Didi in East; Behenji in North; Bollywood Babes in the West; Aunty in the Capital; Madam in the Centre; Wives at Home &; GFs everywhere! And they say it's a male dominated society!

 She’s a woman

 As per my 19 year research on woman I conclude, the most beautiful thing about a woman is that she’s a woman. [ :D ] You can’t argue on this one. No matter how many facts, figures, ideologies, logicalities, and illogicalities you put forth. This remains an undeniable truth of our lives. We love her, because it is her. ( I don’t mind hurting people with alag shauk)

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