5 Things Girl's Hair Tell

Hair isn't just a filamentous biomaterial,  it's a story teller. The things, that you would otherwise need an informer to figure out, are said so intuitively by hair. A person wearing a baggy jeans is walking ahead of you, now without having a view of the face, you judge gender by the hair length. It could go the other way sometimes. But in most cultures long hair are associated with a proud expression of femininity. Further, hair color have been associated with ethnicity of the person. If you see someone with blonde hair, you would quickly think that the person isn't native to India and might have come from US or Canada. Another thing that hair color tell, which many don't let them tell with artificial colors, is their age. The significance of hair in culture as well as religion is really very interesting. Sikhs value their hair as pride possessions. They discourage cutting of hair on any part of the body, often called kesh-katl.

The hair stories said above aren't really in one's control and are society driven or in general heredity owned. Hair is no more something you inherit, but something you flaunt your own individuality with. Girls absolutely love their hair and tell their secrets without bothering their lips.

1. Curls tell that the girl is spontaneous, funky, sinuous, flirtatious, and has got that spunk in her. Some have natural curls while some spend hours with rollers. Always respect a girl with curls for the effort she puts in to maintain those. It's a task for a girl to shampoo her hair and when it comes to the one with curls it becomes a herculean one. Straight hair expresses that she loves to keep things simple and sexy. She keeps it uncluttered and has professionalism in her outlook and nature. Rest like to save time or invest it in the arts to follow.

Flaunting straight hair

2. The idea of hair color has been transformed from just being a way to hide rising age to a style statement. No one can forget how Kate's red hair in Titanic became an absolute rage. Girls love to do streaks that clearly emanate funk. It tells you how vibrant, playful and youthful she is. She loves to do new things and loves to stand out in the crowd. 

3. Colors and styles might present one's personality but how to guess her mood on a given day? Well, there's no limit to the accessories. A friend traversed through entire Kamla Nagar market looking for a yin yang hair clip. So the things that might appear trivial to you aren't quite. Unlike 91% of men who pick up the first pair visible in their wardrobe, every piece on a girls body is carefully chosen and artistically woven into her outlook.

Don't go by the Saree, she's a fun filled naari 

4. We all know how difficult open hair is to handle, especially in summers like Delhi's, but guys absolutely love to see free flowing hair. Open hair is an expression of freedom and brimming sexuality. If you watch your bollywood movies with concentration, you might recall hundred instances of a heroine untying her hair and knotting her dupatta when the dance sequence begins. On the other hand, tied hair is a mark of a woman who assumes responsibility. Going to work, college, place that requires discipline or where she commands a lot of respect from others, she would tie her hair back to keep it unfussy so that she can concentrate on the job at her hands.
Open hair emanating freedom

5. Ek chukti sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh babu. As per value theory, the red color powder might not have any extrinsic value but certainly has great intrinsic value. The color spread across parting in her hair shows her exuberance of being married. No matter how old she might get, that color enriches her being and life.

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