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Source : X-Men The Last Stand

The world is divided in to two halves. The tables have turned. The mutants, who were considered to be a threat to the Humans, are now under threat by the Humans. Dr. McCoy is worried as the world stands at the brink of another World War. Suddenly Professor Xavier enters the room.

Dr. McCoy : Charles! We could have met on a better occasion.
Xavier: No occasion is bad for a coffee
Dr. McCoy: Not even one's death bed
Xavier: We aren't dead yet
Dr. McCoy: What can we do that we stay that way.
Xavier:  Our powers make us different, if you look from their perspective, dangerous. We have to show that our super natural powers can save humans.
Dr. McCoy: I know how. We need to talk to the President.
Xavier smiles.

The next morning there's a huge gathering of mutants in front of the President's House. Dr. McCoy comes out walking swiftly with no expression on his face and takes the podium.

Dr. McCoy: Mutants, after long discussion with the President, the Mutant Neutralization Programme (MNP) scheduled next week won't be conducted.
A Mutant: Yayy! Some crackers up Gambit! Yo Yo Pranab Da!
Dr. McCoy : Silence! The MNP isn't cancelled, it has been conditionally postponed.  We have been given a chance to prove our value to this world. We have been given one month to prove that we can save more lives than we take.
B Mutant : But we ain't no beggars to beg in front of these niggers for our life.
Dr. McCoy : One more such non sense, I will go onto "Aamaran Anshan".
C Mutant (to B): Hey Jackass! Why you no shut the f up? That guy is first class pass from MAMC. He has got some brain.
Dr. McCoy : We will go to people who need us and try to save as many lives as we can. Long live Humans, long live Mutants.

The mutant team reaches a nearby hospital. A doctor explains the case of Mandmohan. He used to eat up coal as a result he developed a clot in his 
Larynx. He finds it difficult to speak unless supported by his Italian baby-sitter. Kitty stepped forward. Kitty Pryde possesses a "phasing" ability that allows her and objects or people with which she is in contact to become intangible. She carefully inserted her fingers through his neck and gently tries to find out the clot. Her eyes lit up and she drew the tiny piece of coal out of Mandmohan's throat. Mandmohan no longer has pain in his throat but still likes his baby-sitter's support.

Mihir's car banged against a truck and he's was brought to hospital with an absolutely smashed face. Everyone is worried since Bhagwan Shiv is on a holiday, there's no one who can do the critical surgery. Mandira is looking for an absolute makeover for Mihir. Mutant Mystique, a shapeshifter is a supervillain . After showing hundred episodes of Ramanand's Ramayana she actually agreed to help Mihir. A slice of skin is taken off Mystique's thigh to be implanted onto Mihir's face. Whoa! We've got Ronit Roy kinda Mihir. Mandira is very impressed, "this is as good as band baja bride makeover".

After a wonderful World Cup, Yudhraj Singh has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the lungs.
Wolverine : We gotta slice through the skin and pluck the tumor off.
Dr. McCoy : No Logan! We can't do that. It's in the lungs. Too much blood loss might kill him. We have to find a safe way to remove that tumor before it is too late.
Xavier : Scott!
Dr. McCoy : His optic blast is too strong for his skin to withstand even for a second.
Xavier : We'll have to find a way to control it.
Storm : But Professor, if it has to destroy the tumor it has to pass through skin.
Xavier : We will create an arc of  ruby-quartz lens which will disperse the high energy beam. The dispersed low energy rays will go through the skin and the viscera without damaging them and  further meet at the exact location of the tumor where by the phenomena of constructive interference there would be high energy sufficient to destroy the tumor.

Cyclops Arc
Professor's Xavier School for the Gifted Youngsters works day in day out to create the Cyclops arc with absolute precision. Xavier, Dr. McCoy, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Jean gather in the operation theater as Yudhraj enjoys his dreams.
scott summers high energy red beam
Scott Summers aka Cyclops (Source X-Men)

Jean : Are you ready Scott?
Cyclops : Let's do it!
Cyclops shoots his high energy beam, the arc is activated. The tumor begins to burn. Professor carefully maneuvers the arc with the remote control to the length of the tumor.
Dr. McCoy: 60% of the length crossed.
Scott begins to tire up but tries to keep his concentration on that tiny arc hole. Suddenly Logan's instinct signals.
Wolverine: The top lens!
The top lens could not take the high energy and is about to fall off. Scott is blinded by the light and can't see what's going on down there. Direct exposure to Cyclops beam could kill Yudhraj in a few milliseconds. The lens falls off, the high energy beam progresses closer to Yudhraj's skin at 300,000,000m/s. Everyone's heart is in his mouth. Just a centimeter above the body the beam is held. Everyone looks in amazement how could that happen. Storm looks around perplexed and sees her in awe.
Storm : Jean!
Jean the only Level V mutant has controlled Cyclops high energy beam.
Dr. McCoy : 94%
Scott is trying hard to keep his eyes open.
Dr. McCoy : STOP!
Scott falls on the ground as Storm and Jean run to comfort him.
Dr. McCoy begins to examine the vitals of Yudhraj.
Dr. McCoy: We have done it!

Yudhraj Singh was awarded prestigious Arjuna Award at Rashtrapati Bhavan by President Pranab Mukherjee.
President : I have an important announcement to make now. I have the list of Mutants to be neutralized under  Mutant Neutralization Programme. I'll call out the names.
He pulls out the list and tears it off.
President : LOL!  Long live Humans, long live Mutants.

One would wonder all's well that ends well. But back to reality, no mutants really exist in this world. True! Mutants might not really exist but cures definitely do. The modern day healthcare technologies give doctors and their patients the superpowers to combat a wide array of diseases. X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, Endoscopy allow to look into the body without the need of cutting through the skin. A person whose skin is damaged in some way no more needs grafting as plastic surgery is advanced enough to do the repair work. Cancer which was once an incurable disease, is now curable to some extent. Early diagnosis and Chemotherapy has saved many a lives and will continue to do so.

Next time you see Yuvraj nailing an over pitched delivery over mid wicket for a six, thank not only God but the Modern Healthcare too. And if you by any chance like the article, thank Apollo Healthcare for the prompt.

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