What to do when bored? - Poem

Time and again, we find ourselves caught up in routine. You go to school everyday, create presentations everyday, cook everyday, or do anything everyday, everyday makes it boring and terrible. You start hating it. You start missing semicolons, become irritable, add extra salt, misplace important documents because your mind is tired and uninterested in the routine. If I drop an ice cube in your shirt, you do a reflex action. If you stay put for 1 minute, your body would no longer react as badly. That's the thing with routine, your mind and body start developing blind spots. You do things but your mind is virtually absent.

It is your responsibility to give your mind and body "the new" not everyday but every now and then. It keeps you and all your senses awake. It could be white water rafting, rock climbing, selling your artwork in the street, talking to a random person in a park, cooking the cuisine you never did, playing a sport you never did, wearing something you never did. Being crazy, being silent, being solo, being in a group, being opposite of what you are, what you always do. 

I had a terrible desk job.where I worked 12 hours everyday. The cafeteria was at 10th floor. One day I went to the cafeteria window after looking at my computer screen for 9 hours. I could see mountains around the horizon, and I felt pain in my forehead. A weird pain, maybe because my eyes had become habitual of not seeing beyond the screen 30 inches away. It felt great looking 30 km off, the pain soothed the senses somehow. 

Shades, hills, clouds en route hogenakkal falls tamil nadu
Hills, clouds, and a new view, en route Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

I will be | World Heritage Day Poem

Old man saviour sculpture at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Old man saviour sculpture at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

In chilling cold
In scorching heat
In between, it rains upon me

In bright days
In dark nights
In between the gold dawns upon me

In wild crowds
In lonely times
In between someone admires me

In acid pours
In mercury spews
In between someone sings for me

I was
I am 
I will be
You love me

Kodaikanal is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu but mighty popular down south. I didn't know so many people love it until I saw it myself. It has markets, people, chocolates, weed, so that explains a lot. Kodaikanal is a natural beauty overpowered by huge influx of people. I hated it until I played cricket with kids who didn't share a common language. I loved it when I cycled around the lake over the cliff. Cool breeze, sparse traffic, only strangers, and then you cycle down the slope of a cliff with no paddling, no braking. It was mesmerizing. I am a patron of fine mosaic work and sculptures. My eyes have been trained over years to find sculptures. So, I found this gentleman(picture) amid lush greens, chilling with eyes closed.

Kodaikanal has been struggling with widespread mercury pollution. The closure of Unilever's mercury factory has not been able to restore the same tourism. Just like Dow Jones, Unilever too isn't too worried about cleaning up the mess already created. Sofia Ashraf reacted with a rap song "Kodaikanal Won't" to the tune of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" which had garnered 4 million+ hits, at the time of writing.

I find this gentleman(picture), wondering at the proceedings around him. Does world appear a good place in his eyes, behind those closed eyelids? That's the question I ask on this World Heritage Day. Comment/share your views.

Do you see yourself? | Poem

wine glasses on hotel table, lake pichola, udaipur, rajasthan
Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Do you see this?
Not that!

This very dark night,
Lit only by stern candle light
Behind that low boundary
That table of pink ivory

Not that very dark night,
with mobiles flashing bright
7000 feet above the sea
That jagged rock bed, you and me

Do you see this?
Not that!

This clean spoon
About to croon
Besides spotless white bone China
Admiring the fork and knife of chrome steel
Dicing and picking one-third of salad green

Not that clean spoon
About to feign a swoon
at the samosa barely touching the paper plate
Getting assaulted by four, 3 seconds gore
Each burning tongue wanting more

Do you see this?
Not that!

This celebration of anniversary
Twirling white wine very attentively
Talking microphysics, politics, economics
And pharmacists, orthopedics, analgesics

Not that celebration of anniversary
Peering into eyes admiringly
Mixing proportionately Fanta and cokes 
Cracking racist, sexist, sadist jokes

Do you see
These people, here..
Us, someday?

I, along with a friend, was walking around Udaipur City Palace, encircling lake Pichola. It is an absolute sight to see the reflection of fine lights in the lake when it is a pitch dark night. You have a few exotic hotels situated on the banks and inside the lake as well. So I came across this picturesque moment, where four people were discussing something inaudible. The seriousness, the inattention to food, the fine cutlery, the wine glasses and the calm, were just so alien to me. So I paused. These are no aliens from a far off land on a voyage. These are just people like me, ahead of me in the cycle of life. That could be me, you, someday? What do you think?

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