Zindagi beet rahi hai | Inspirational Hindi Poem

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We always have a choice at our hands, but often we are disillusioned by the sense of security, tried & tested stamp and our belief in others more than our own instinct. You can blame your lack of happiness on anyone but deep inside you know it was you who had to make a decision and you made one. Once you make it, you have to own it.

Script : Roman       देवनागिरी

Zindgi beet rahi hai,
Kisi haseen chehre ko lubhaane me
Kisi sabha me jagah banaane me
Kisi apne se peechha chudaane me

Zindagi beet rahi hai
Chaahat ki chaahato ko poora karne me
Samaaj ke maandand par khara utarne me
Aaj ke khwab ko kal par chhodne me

Zindagi beet rahi hai
Apno ke faislo pe jeene me
Gairo ke taano se bachne me
Aaghaaz bina anjaam se darne me

Zindagi beet rahi hai
Khud ki har haar me
Kasoorwaar ki talaash me
Zimmedaario se nazar churaati
Apki, meri zindagi beet rahi hai

Aap chaahein na chahein zindagi beet rahi hai aur bahut tez raftaar se beet rahi hai. Aap ise rok nahi sakte, parantu aapke paas ise behtar banaane ka avsar avashya hai. Aap ise doosro ke ishaaro par jee sakte hain, jee tod mehnat kar wo mukaam haasil kar sakte hain jinme aapki kabhi dilchaspi hi nahi thi. Ya fir aap apne faisle swayam le sakte hain, nayi galatiyan kar sakte hain, unki zimmedaari le sakte hain, unhe sudhaar kar naye raaste ijaad kar sakte hain.

Chayan ka adhikaar aapke haath me hai.

She doesn't know what I write | Love poem for her

We all love someone. We all miss someone when one isn't there. They say love grows stronger and we go fonder when our someone special isn't around. But not everyone is equally blessed. The most painful feeling is when you miss someone with all your heart but he/she doesn't even know it, forget care. You have a plethora of emotions to express and you say nothing at all because you know they don't feel the same way about you. Cupid shot only you.

There's a famous love quote by Plato,"at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet". Sometimes, you don't confess your love not because you don't have courage but because you know the answer. Then the only ardent listener you have is a paper. It would listen what you say, won't judge you, won't say you'll find someone better. It would just listen.

Yellow flower with setting sun

Like the moon shines on a serene lake
Like a candle glows on a birthday cake
Her eyes obscure the dark in my life
She doesn't know
what I write..

Like a wave embraces the sea and goes away
Like a bird kisses a river and flies away
She came, she touched and vanished like a sprite
She doesn't know
what I write..

Like a mayfly meets fire
Like a truth meets a liar
Would the queen meet the knight
When she gets to know
what I write..

I dedicate this poem to all the passionate lovers with half love stories, the school crush about whom the entire class knew but herself, the photo in your personal diary which no one has ever seen, the neighbor's balcony you kept gazing at waiting for her one glance, the Facebook chat you kept waiting after "✓ Seen 1:20 am". Irrespective of who she was and where she is, tell her once even when you know her answer. I dare you post this on her wall. You never know when life takes away your last chance to say something. I have got some substance when I say that. (I overheard someone saying people take your gyaan seriously when you have a near death experience)

I can read your mind | 10 Books You Truly Loved

You have to be living on Pluto if you haven't been tagged by innumerable people in posts where they tell their all time top 10 books, and ask you to state the same. Some intellectuals with overgrown right brains have named it the #BookBucketChallenge. Some scientists speculate that these might be super evolved humans who keep their books in buckets and can read the books just by overturning the book bucket onto their heads. 

Fitting reply to book bucket challenge

Although Zahi Hawass says, "these are the people who were bitten by mummies(slang zombies) who escaped King Tut's mansion. Then the world had only 9 books which were spread over inaccessible locations namely Marina Trench, Mt. Everest, North Pole, Antarctica, Mt. Fujiyama volcano, a blue whale's jejunum, under Hagrid's beard, fixed price stall behind 60% flat off at Zara, the statistics cupboard just behind playboy section in National Congress Library and under stacks of Indian money in Swiss banks. Whoever tried to overthrow the pharaoh was given the 10 books challenge. Since no one could ever find the 10th book, King Tut enjoyed his throne eating grapes off then Miss Universe Nirupa Roy. Hence, the infected 21st century people still believe it is Tutean task to name 10 books". "The challenge can now be completed by just Harry Potter and Toilet(sic)", he laughs. 

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