3 that should definitely be free | 20 second poem

The things that you want are often priced higher than what you can pay. Yes, Canon 5D Mark III for me, Ferrari for you maybe. I always feel some (may be more, may be all) things should be free of charge. Won't it be great? Imagine telling a girl, "enter that jewelry shop, anything you pick in the next five minutes would be yours, for free". The girl whose shopping bags you carry, you won't believe, can pull off twice her weight. Not being sexist, push a guy in to decathlon or Play Station showroom, even a Hulk would sulk seeing the spectacular results.

Sunrise, behind the trees and hills in kodaikanal
Sunrise at Kodaikanal

Phir miloge? | Hindi Poem

मैंने शायद कहीं पढ़ा था, मन्दिरोँ से ज़्यादा सच्ची प्रार्थना अस्पतालों मे की जाती हैँ; विवाह घर से ज़्यादा शिद्दत से हवाई अड्डों और रेलवे स्टेशनों पर लोग एक दूजे को गले लगाते हैं। विचित्र परन्तु सत्य (यह लिखते समय मुझे भी उतना ही विचित्र लग जितना आपको पढते समय)। कैसा लगता है जब आप किसी को विदा करने से पहले गले लगाते हैं। कैसा लगता होगा उस माँ को जब वो अपनी सन्तान को सरहद पर भेजते हुए, उस पिता को जब वो अपनी बेटी को विदा करते हुए और उस लड़की को जो मीलों दूर जा रहे अपने प्रेमी को गले लगाती है, शायद आखरी बार।

Your Crush updated her profile picture | Super true poem

First of all I am guilty of stalking someone's profile from her latest display picture to the very first. I don't know why. Or I better put it as, you know why. It sort of feels good. Its amazing how our lives have been captured in photos on Facebook. Especially for 90s kids, it holds a good part of their lives. Through this poem I wish to take you on a journey. Yes, we are travelling through a girl's life through photos. Before that, I give you a sneak peak. There are a few characteristic features of a girl's portfolio. There would certainly be a picture of her farewell, one of her graduation with scholar's hat (if she could), one mirror selfie (chances double if she owns an iPhone), one picture clicked by her DSLR friend, one with shades (at night) and one downloaded from the web (a recent survey suggested, half the world's teenagers once looked like Selena Gomez). Okay, just before you start with the journey. If you're a guy, without letting anyone know, open your crush's profile and browse through her profile pictures (thank me in the comment section). If you are a girl, you might like to see your own profile pictures and appreciate how you have evolved over the years. Trust me it is a wonderful experience (ignoring a few awkward, very awkward pictures).

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