I can read your mind | 10 Books You Truly Loved

You have to be living on Pluto if you haven't been tagged by innumerable people in posts where they tell their all time top 10 books, and ask you to state the same. Some intellectuals with overgrown right brains have named it the #BookBucketChallenge. Some scientists speculate that these might be super evolved humans who keep their books in buckets and can read the books just by overturning the book bucket onto their heads. 

Fitting reply to book bucket challenge

Although Zahi Hawass says, "these are the people who were bitten by mummies(slang zombies) who escaped King Tut's mansion. Then the world had only 9 books which were spread over inaccessible locations namely Marina Trench, Mt. Everest, North Pole, Antarctica, Mt. Fujiyama volcano, a blue whale's jejunum, under Hagrid's beard, fixed price stall behind 60% flat off at Zara, the statistics cupboard just behind playboy section in National Congress Library and under stacks of Indian money in Swiss banks. Whoever tried to overthrow the pharaoh was given the 10 books challenge. Since no one could ever find the 10th book, King Tut enjoyed his throne eating grapes off then Miss Universe Nirupa Roy. Hence, the infected 21st century people still believe it is Tutean task to name 10 books". "The challenge can now be completed by just Harry Potter and Toilet(sic)", he laughs. 

Rain Poem, because poets are always taking the weather so personally

What's so special about rains that so many poets have written about it and continue to do so. Rain has been associated with a wide variety of emotions, love, melancholy, tears, freedom and bliss. JD Salinger once said “Poets are always taking the weather so personally.”  I believe rain is not just about those falling droplets of water. Poets, photographers, authors, in fact all kinds of artists and thinkers have an exceptional sense of observation. Cloudy sky, sudden shower of dihydrogen oxide and the irresistible aroma, that's just too much of dynamic data for a poet to ignore. If you have your special person alongside then only things you could desire would be chai and samose. So, here's a lovely poem about rain, written with a dash of love and hope.
lovely night rain with lens flare
Dilli ki baarish

Why so adventurous? | Inspirational Poem

There is a very thin line between a having strong opinion and being obstinate. An opinion is a terrible waste if it doesn't possess flexibility, the ability to change when a better ideology comes into picture. We all possess this inflexibility with varying degree. "All South Indian curries taste like sambhar". "All men are rapists". "Girls can't drive". You and I keep coming across such obstinate opinions. Some people expect things, people, in fact the entire universe to behave in a particular manner. When those don't, they call those people, lunatics and those things, hazardous.
Arms wide open at madhugiri
Madhugiri Fort, Karnataka

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