Rain Poem, because poets are always taking the weather so personally

What's so special about rains that so many poets have written about it and continue to do so. Rain has been associated with a wide variety of emotions, love, melancholy, tears, freedom and bliss. JD Salinger once said “Poets are always taking the weather so personally.”  I believe rain is not just about those falling droplets of water. Poets, photographers, authors, in fact all kinds of artists and thinkers have an exceptional sense of observation. Cloudy sky, sudden shower of dihydrogen oxide and the irresistible aroma, that's just too much of dynamic data for a poet to ignore. If you have your special person alongside then only things you could desire would be chai and samose. So, here's a lovely poem about rain, written with a dash of love and hope.
lovely night rain with lens flare
Dilli ki baarish

Our Last Rain

You were waiting for the rain to cease,
I was praying for it to keep..
For you always have you,
But I never do..

Far from where you wanted to be,
I didn't care where I was..
All I had was a moment with you,
That I didn't want to pass..

As your eyelashes gently kissed,
Off your eyelid, a driblet slipped..
Burst over your decolletage,
Your eyes opened and sabotaged..

When you were shivering in my jacket,
Counting minutes to sunrise..
I wished to embrace your drenched body,
And do away with goodbyes..

But there was a gushing river between us,
I was ready to cross..
But I was unsure, when I reach the shore,
Would I have your hand to hold..

Hope you enjoyed it. I'll keep coming up with such short rain poems. As the rainy season has just begun in Delhi. In fact it rained today, and I genuinely missed having a samosa. What's your favorite rain snack? Tell me in the comment section. I don't wish to die without tasting the awesome snack that I don't even know about yet.

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