Why so adventurous? | Inspirational Poem

There is a very thin line between a having strong opinion and being obstinate. An opinion is a terrible waste if it doesn't possess flexibility, the ability to change when a better ideology comes into picture. We all possess this inflexibility with varying degree. "All South Indian curries taste like sambhar". "All men are rapists". "Girls can't drive". You and I keep coming across such obstinate opinions. Some people expect things, people, in fact the entire universe to behave in a particular manner. When those don't, they call those people, lunatics and those things, hazardous.
Arms wide open at madhugiri
Madhugiri Fort, Karnataka
Okay, why do I say this? You know I don't mind someone calling all south Indian curries sambhar. I am not the cook here. I was struck by this idea because so many people I met due to my infamous fall question the very idea of adventure. "Bete pahaadi pe karne kya gaya tha?". "Unchai naapne". It is funny, but they dismiss all those people discovering new places, new people and in the end their inner self, simply to be lunatics. If you add religion to adventure, it suddenly becomes harmless. In fact sometimes I am forced to think that all Gods settled in different places only to encourage tourism among the non-lunatic crowd.
It is really difficult for people to accept people with a different opinion. It has got nothing to do with the opinion but the mindset. The ability to listen is a rarity these days. Given my ability to blabber, I can convince them to climb up for soothing 22 degree Celsius and mesmerizing wind speeding 25km/h. But they read the headlines, judge and move. You can change the universe but if you begin with clarifying to people who say you can't, you're going to get migraine. 
What I learned from this is really precious. We live in an amazingly diverse society. No two leaves of a tree and no two people are the same. They might have had different upbringing and more importantly a different set of experiences, which shaped their mindsets. We should learn to accept if not appreciate people and their lifestyles dissimilar to ours. That habit can be easily adopted by talking and listening to people of different backgrounds, privileges, cultures, mindsets and opinions, patiently.  
Unlike the pearl,
the shell enclosed..
He broke open the window,
which had always been closed..

He felt the breeze,
through his wild hair..
That blew off
self confining despair..

He gently opened his eyes,
And admired..
Someone painted the giant blue canvas

He smiled.

I tried to give a glimpse of how it feels to be at a different altitude. The reason I wrote this blog is to help everyone including myself acknowledge the difference in opinions. So, let's face those and try to kill a few. Tell me one stereotype or opinion, you absolutely hate, in the comment section. Feel free to mark me, because I know I joke around plenty of them. 

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