My first 5 minutes after 300ft fall at Madhugiri

sunset at madhugiri (gvsparx)

प्याला हाथ से छूटा,
सफर मे घिसटता औंधा लुडका..
तेज़, संसानीखेज़,
ज़मीन से जा टकराया..

हवा में लहर सी दौड़ गयी,
ज़मीन भी कांप उठी..
आसमान ने आँखे बंद की,
किसी को किसी ने खबर ना की..

लहु बूंद दर बूंद टपकता रहा,
शरीर सुन्न पडा रहा..
चट्टान की नोक को तकिया मान कर,
मैं चैन की नींद सोता रहा..

आँखें खुली तो सामने अंधेरा था,
छिले जिस्म मे रह गयी कतरा ज़िंदगी बाकी..
सूखे हलक मे रह गई इक सांस बाकी,
जानता नहीं था - जीना होगा, या है बस मौत का इंतज़ार बाकी..

Yes. It is about the infamous fall I had. No, not the love one but one from the beautiful hill, with a fort on top, Madhugiri. From those 24 hours of my life, I can tell you tens of tales which you might not like to hear. I have not told quite a few nerve wrecking experiences I had to go through to people I love. One of those would be that moment when I just woke up after skidding down 300 feet. My head was paining, when I touched it, I found it bleeding. I thought maybe my hand has got blades, so I didn't touch anything thereafter. I didn't know how many wounds I had, how many bones I had fractured, how much blood I had lost, how much time I had.

It is a weird feeling. Your body denies to move an inch, pain reaches its pinnacle and you feel a warm sensation on your skin which sort of reduces your reaction to pain. But apart from all those things, the thing that rides your mind is "you're about to die". I didn't know how much out of those 6 liters of blood, I had lost and more importantly, how much of it I was losing every second. If the channel was still open, then it became a time game, the timer being the blood flowing down the hour glass. The funny part is it is all happening but you don't get to know anything. Gradually you might submerge into the same sleep you woke up from, but now it could be the deeper one, the deepest one. If that was the case, all I was left with was a little waiting time. Shit! In that time, I was talking to Priyank. 

Honestly, I didn't let these thoughts come to my mind, or say phone that rang 50 times a minute didn't let. I knew, not hope, I was going to survive kyuki abhi to meri shaadi bhi nahi hui. I didn't know how much damage, I would have to spend rest of my life with. But I knew this was just a tiny (tiny se thoda bada) obstacle, I have to jump over, rather wait for people to help me jump over. I thank all those people for whatever they did for me sacrificing their midnight sleep.

I might come up with more blog posts if my hands get better. I have pledged to write about the relatives and friends who came to see me, soon. Lastly, I would like to say it to my readers "value the life that you have, because it is not just yours".

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