The Pony Tail | Hindi poem

By now most of my readers know me better than many of my friends. You guys know what I like, what I don't. Due to my habit of consistent blabbering, you now know some of my secrets I don't utter in public. Okay today, I am going to tell one more. After standard three I changed my school. In the new school I simply knew no one. I used to sit alone on the first bench everyday, from bell one to the day end. Since then I developed a habit of being alone. It was difficult, but over a period of time I sustained it and then became who I am today. 

One fine day a girl came and sat along me on my bench, started talking to me. She was in fact the first person I talked to in that school I guess, definitely the first girl I talked to. She used to sport a pony tail. When she used to walk, that pony used to swing with every step of hers. I really liked that. I wonder how much did she recharge her hair that like a pendulum, it swung sixty times a minute, twenty four hours a day. Human eye is really attracted towards movement. Dynamism makes women much more attractive than men. I am talking about the bouncing and oscillating hair that they have.

Kabhi lehraati, kabhi balkhaati,
Jharne si behti, hawaao ko chhuti..
Muskaati, koodti, daudti chali jaati,
Bina tumhe bataaye, humein tadpaati..

Tumhe kaam karti dekh,
Shaant si baith jaati..
Aur fir deewani si ek lat,
Tumhaare gaalon ko choom jaati..
Agar wo tumhe bataati, to shaayad,
Is thami si zindgi me tere deewanepan ki hawa hoti,
Is tez dhoop me mehekti zulfo ki chaadar mere chehre par hoti,
Par usne kuchh kaha nahi, tumne kuchh suna nahi..

Hawa chalti rahi..
Teri zulfein udti rahi,
Deewaana banaati rahi,
Humein tadpaati rahi..

Beware of Poets! You never know one might be writing a poem thinking about you right now.

So girls you now have a reason to recharge your hair up because after 15 years or so, a mad poet might write a poem for your straight, curly, streaky, freaky, sunsilky hair.

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