What differentiates you from a mannequin?

Do you know what differentiates you from a mannequin?A mannequin has a purpose

Hi! What were you doing 5 minutes ago, 5 days ago and 5 years ago? I hope you remember the macro level things that you were performing, if not the granular ones. But here we are not questioning what, we are questioning why. If 5 years ago you were studying, then why were you studying? If you were doing your job, then why were you doing your job? If your idea of life is like, birth-study-job-marriage-kids-retire-and-wait-for-death, with condiments of some fun, love and tragedy, then let me ask you – do you find anything missing? No? Okay, if everybody sticks to this plan, what are we gonna achieve, as the so called most intelligent race of this planet are we gonna produce 6.5 billion look alike mannequins. What separates you from a mannequin? I tell you what, a mannequin has a purpose. Its purpose is to be a showpiece. It might show how a particular dress might look when you wear it. And the amazing news is, you even don’t have that purpose. You see millions of look-alikes walking past you, along you, just like mannequins on a roller belt. If you are offended, you’d be yelling at me now “I am not a fuckin’ mannequin, I’ll jump off the roller belt”. You never do, barely a few hundreds do. Barely a few hundreds would think that even if their collars are hanging on a golden hook, it a bloody hook! Barely a few hundreds would even think of jumping off that hook, because “wherever everybody is leading me isn’t where I want to be”. It is not just about jumping off, it is about knowing “why you are jumping off?”.  Why you should not be at the place you are and where you should be and why you should be there? Purpose! 

Why do I even exist in this place, in front of these people, wearing these particular clothes? Do I even ask these questions to myself? If I do, do I really have a good answer or is it just “I am doing my routine work and that is how it is”. Seriously! You are investing 24 hours of your day just doing routine work, satisfying your, your parents’, your wife, your husband, your kids’, your friends’ needs and wants. Why? After 5 years, would it change? Would your needs and wants ever be satisfied? And even if you succeed in doing that, would your resume have the greatest achievement field saying “fed four people”. Would you ever have a great feeling of accomplishment, the taste of success, of doing something that you weren’t expected to do? Something, for people who do not relate to you by blood, for a cause that doesn’t affect you, for the seed you might never reap the crop of. Something great!

What’s my purpose? Is it find a great job, have loads of money, oh you’re a smartass, you say love. Look at your laptop, attached to the charger. The purpose of your laptop is not to get charged. It is its need. Its purpose is to deliver information, music, movies etc. We confuse charging with working for that purpose. Sometimes, for that great purpose, you have to cut that charger supply and dive into the sea to explore, until your breath lasts or your desire permits. You have to take that leap. This jump off the charger is much more difficult from one off the cliff. Because when you jump off the cliff, you are quite sure of cracked bones and cuts in half a second. But when you’re jumping off that charger, you are not sure what is there in the sea, how quickly you swim, how long can you hold your breath. Does the length of your breath or your swimming speed even matter, when there’s a huge shark in front of you? It’s all chance and chaos.

I can’t define your purpose of life, nor can your parents, friends or lovers because most of them also are nothing but mannequins. If they are not, you surely don’t want to duplicate them, and end up becoming yet another look-alike. You have to define it. Because in the end you want might like to deliver a thank you speech (containing no thank you) after your accomplishment, rather than a blame list. So your first step in the race should be “quit blaming people” for your misery. Most of the times, it’s you! Love yourself, your ideas, your success and your failures. Value things you do. The world doesn’t value the effort put behind an eventual failure. It is time,  you do!

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