The girl I never talked to | Office crush, Poem

The rush has come to an end,
The dog tag has been scanned..
I have entered the box,
Too tight to let the fresh air in..
Too opaque to let the sunlight in..
Too closed to let the chirp in..

My eyes yearn for that spark,
The spark of your eyes..
My ears yearn for that sound,
The sound of your giggling..
My skin yearns for the breeze,
The breeze of you passing by..

But you are not here, you never are,
Maybe worked too late last night as you so often do..
I have seen you working on a Friday night, well beyond midnight..
I am sorry I couldn't stay, I wish I could stay..
Admire your busy eyes, your calm lips,
And wish to have a touch of your fluttering fingertips..

But you are not here, you never are,
In the box so tight, opaque and closed..
You are wind, spine chilling, barrier blower, and lost..
Lost in the crowd, amid million lovers,
Unperturbed, unmoved,
By my presence, my absence..

But that doesn't change how I see you,
That doesn't change how I admire you..

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