Angel | Irresistible Beauty, Adorable Woman, Poem

Wonder what is the "FIRST LOOK"
Wonder what is the "FIRST FEELING"
Wonder what is the "FIRST SIGNAL"
Wonder what is the "FIRST REACTION"

When you see the "ONE" whom you dream of,
When you see the "ONE" whom you never saw,
When you see the "ONE" whom you Imagine to be with,
When you see the "ONE" whom you LOVE...

In this wonderful excitement-

Let us not haste      ~       Rather glide in
         Not spend    ~    Rather live time
      Not touch   ~   Rather caress

Let us feel Beauty, Let us feel Love


Saw her descending from the dreamland,
Adorning the pearly radiant silk..
When her golden foot touched the sand,
Felt as if I am the only one, God has blessed..

Astonished by her beauty,
My eyes deny to blink..
So simple yet so eluding,
She compels me to think..

To think and to believe her presence,
As I am stunned into silence..
How can I free myself from desires?
Of one whom even God admires..

I can’t find beauty elsewhere,
Those florets don’t attract a glare..
Every rose is cautioned by her essence,
As she takes over as the new empress..

The clouds beg the beauty for tenderness,
The nature turns connoisseur of her elegance..
If fantasy and reality coalesce,
Let the fairy be the world’s princess..

As I spread rose petals on her way,
She slowly progresses towards me..
My mind is tranquilized,
My breath has ceased..

All I can hear,
Is my loud heart beat..
Yearning for an echo,
I stand still..

Nightingale stares at her,
Without a twitter, without a noise..
So calm, so silent,
Anxious to hear her voice..

How can I stray my eyes,
Off the ground I rise..
Lost in her radiance,
Enslaved of her brilliance..

As her lips pressed against each other,
My eyes stood wide open,
She says, “I am your silent prayer”,
“You have fallen in love, O dear!”

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