Alone is one without self | Introspection, Poem

On a rainy gloomy day, when you go nowhere and are own your own. Sadly, without a coffee, but pleasantly with a thought. You oscillate between the thoughts of your past and present, the people you were with and the person they left behind. You begin to evaluate your life, regretting some decisions but then again telling yourself, it all happens for the good. It rains no more, just a few tears left in the sky and you see the ripples it generates on the surface of water... Thoughtlessness...

grill reflection in water
It's good to talk to yourself once in a while

Kuchh likhta hun zameen par wo dhul jaata hai,
Kuchh likhta hun paani par wo ghul jaata hai..
Kuchh likhta hun kaagaz par wo ud jaata hai,
Kuchh likhta hun saaz par wo toot jaata hai..

Kuchh likhta hun zehen me wo bhool jaata hun,
Kalam ka mohtaj, kisi dil par na likh paata hun..

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