Will you miss me? | First Job, Fresher's World in a poem

In this life, some decisions are made by self, some by the circumstances. You often decide what you want and eventually achieve it someday. Meanwhile something is being taken away from you silently, you realize when it is all gone. You always have to choose one of the two. These are the decisions which distinguish between who you were and who you would eventually become.

When the struggle is for a job,
The clock slows down to kill your patience and hope.. 
When the pay packages of the world surmount,
The silence in your head cries out loud..

Eventually when your hard work breaches the walls of challenges,
The critic whispers are put to silence..
You outshine your stars with your brilliance,
But happiness knows no permanence..

Since I wrote a chapter of change,
Of a fortune, a life in a city so strange..
Like the pages of a book my days flip,
Not by my fingers but by the wind..

Suddenly I find myself,
Standing at the crossroads..
One goes to a promising career,
Other goes back home..

Will I ever find,
The friends who text standing at the door..
The chatwala who knows,
My fine balance of sweet and sour..

The one who used to hug me and say,
"Few minutes more"..
The one who fell in love,
When I am about to go..

The parties that never seem to end,
Trouble is where they always land..
Dad's lecture on reaching home late,
Only mom's food excuse could help me escape..

Am I going to achieve what I always wished for,
Or going to lose what I never really cared for..
Who'll hug me when I'll be all alone
Oh my city! Will you miss me when I'll be gone.

Right now, I stand prey to a transition, from college to job, from Delhi to Bangalore, from home to some place far off. Maybe someday you went through it too, or would go someday. Would love to know if you felt something similar. 

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