Crusty Gourmet Pizzas, DLF Galleria - Review

I and a friend of mine jumped off our office cab at DLF Galleria Market, Gurgaon. He had plans to go somewhere else but I opened Zomato to find this 4.3 rated gem. We could not have avoided this thereafter. So this review of Crusty's pizza is a blend of opinions of two individuals.

My friend is claustrophobic and this space is small. If we have people on all tables, we would virtually be eating off each other's plates. Which is a good thing no? :D

The staff is knowledgeable, prompt and attentive. They overdo it. I asked for recommendation and they suggested Peri Peri veg. We got it in no time. Crusty has got its crusts right. The toppings looked fresh. The Peri Peri mayo was great and desirable as it was the only source of salt. So the taste of pizza hugely depends on the amount of mayo on your tongue. I asked for some extra mayo which was propmptly provided as all three staff members were looking at us attentively. I felt like a student who has the invigilator behind him in the exam. I just cannot withstand someone ogling at me when I am eating.  If the camera comes at me while eating in a party, I awkwardly turn around. Small place and three people ogling at you, not soothing.

The staff offered salt too expressing his prowess saying “Peri Peri does not have salt”. Maybe Italians like it that way I do not. I asked him since when Crusty has been in operation. He got puzzled. I had the same feeling that a last bencher has when a topper fails a question at viva. Pizza is not bad but things around certainly have scope for improvement or rather deterioration to come to normal.

Somewhere in between, the owner came to me and gave me a 6” free crusty pizza coupon. I would not have visited this place again. But I can’t refuse a free pizza. Pizza is love. 

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