Dunkin' Donuts 4 new coffee flavors review

I got my hands on Dunkin' Donuts four newly launched flavors of coffee. There were a few surprises I must say. So cutting the chase, let's get down to the reviews.

Bangalore Startup Coffee

I think I am the best person to judge if it actually deserves to be named Bangalore Startup Coffee. As you may or may not know I worked for Mu Sigma for 2 years. Mu Sigma is a 10 year old startup. So our usual day there would begin around 9 AM and end anywhere between 9 PM to some AM. We used to come with eyes heavy with last night's data and variables. I rushed to cafeteria every morning to have masala dosa and filter coffee. As our CEO used to say, "we keep tea, coffee and anything for that matter which keeps one wake, absolutely free. Everything else which makes them sleepy, we make that extremely costly".

Bangalore Startup Coffee | Dunkin' Donuts
The coffeewala would pour in some coffee liquid and then pour hot milk from a height of 200 feet down into that little steel cup with immaculate precision. It was perfectly sweet and bitter. It was hot and dropping it from that height did create foam which made it even more desirable. Sipping coffee admiring birds gliding over the lake from 6th floor definitely gave the day the much needed start. Now you know what Bangalore startup coffee is competing against. I must say it is closest I have tasted in any restaurant chain. It is correctly sweet and bitter with correct amount of milk. Filter coffee is mostly milk, which is something I personally like. It certainly fills the gap which usual coffee menus have between latte and cappuccino.

Tough guy cappuccino

Tough Guy Coffee | Dunkin' Donuts, CP

As the name suggests it is tough and strong. Dark roast espresso with a tint of brandy. Since DD doesn't have liquor license, hence it should be okay for Delhi kids less than 25 years of age. It is much more bitter. Unless your alarm clock falls on its face, I do not think you would need it. It is a wake up coffee. I didn't find any amazing difference from a usual cappuccino. If you like cappuccino, you might like this too.

Dunkin' Black Coffee

Coffee | Dunkin' Donuts, CPCommon black coffee with a slice of lemon floating inside it with a purpose to kill the bitterness. It does reduce it to a good extent. The objective this coffee is on the table is to help people at least get introduced to black coffee. I don't like black coffee, so I was its target consumer. I still didn't like it. Coffee colored hot bitter water! Stop booing me, black coffee lovers.

Therapeutic Cappuccino

Now this is icing on the cake. Literally. Firstly, I liked the cup they served it in. You hold it with both hands and your palms embrace the warmth. It is a blend of hot chocolate, coffee and generous quantity of whipped cream on top. It is soothing. It is just so so good. It is like a slow passionate kiss with your tongue diving into warm cream. And you want more and more of it with every dip. For the first minute you just can't control yourself. But then it becomes too much. Too much cream, which melts and dissolves makes it a fatty coffee. Imagine a Punjabi calling something fatty!

I have a solution for that too. Always have one with someone ;)
You can ask me out, instead of making that face. 

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