Walk Along with me | An Innocent Urge, A Sacred Wish, Poem

This is something that has never happened on GvSparx..
Completely new! But encouragement from you makes me do the different..
GvSparx- Riding the tides not tsunami

This time I've translated the complete post
haha!!Kabhi to Saath Chalo to English without using Google Translate for all those who can't understand my Hindi... 
Time never stops. It races over you and you can't ask it to halt. Is it so emotionless, so unperturbed, so mean. I don't want it to stop. I just ask it to walk along with me. I hope it agrees!

Life is speedy, it never slows,
It is a battle, never ending roads..
The wish to run quicker than time,
Unfulfilled and divine..

Shoulders are down due to responsibilities,
But intact due to my conviction..
My feet are buried deep in fatigue,
But scamper due to determination..

My eyes don't wanna sleep,
With open eyes I wanna dream..
No time to rest,
I have to beat the best..

Millions sit on the shores,
I wish to tame high tides..
The land is crowded,
I wish to fly in the skies..

I am happy if you like,
Otherwise I’ve made up my mind..
To stop isn't my proclivity,
To rest isn't my destiny..

If you can, I’ve a prayer for you to hear,
If you can, I have pain for you to bear..
I probably spilled something on my path,
I lost 'me', and all those who call me back..

In this love for dreams,
I forgot to sleep..
For whatever I lost,
I forgot to weep..

It isn't my fault,
Time is such..
I could not take it,
It was just too much..

Everyone everything flows with it,
Everyone everything goes with it..
Once you start flowing, you never reach the shore,
Once you start drowning, you don't get a hand to hold..

I ran on your footprints,
I lost everything on your board..
Time, please walk along me, with me..
Along me, with me..

I know you to don't like stop,
I don't like to hop..
I ain't capable to stop you either,
Please give me a breather..
I don't wish to run with you today,
I want you to come along my way..

If you can, grant me life ,
A moment to 'thrive'..
We've burned in your fire,
Give me a moment I desire..

Today I wish,
Tomorrow this wish'll die..
Today I exist,
Tomorrow my soul'll die..

Grant the last wish of the dying soul,
Grant a moment to this begging soul..

I won't care about myself,
Life is short..
Today of this wish I think,
Tomorrow, I’ve another venom to drink..

I'll dream with open eye,
I'll run quicker than you like..
I’ll defeat you in your game,
But I might forget that I am humane..

I'll win everything but I might lose a life..

O Time, Walk along me, with me..
O Clock, Tick along me, with me..

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