Its been a looooooooooooooooong time..
My inconsistence is certainly unpardonable...
Last poem was Ek Tarfa published a month back..
Anyways, here I am to entertain you, to stir some emotions , to make you feel some love...

Heart, Heart beats, Soul, Emotions, all these are deeply associated with love but they are within one, intangible, invisible..
As it is said eyes are the doors to the heart...
Let us try...
An insight what's in the heart and endevour to feel the touch!!!

************The Touch Of  Love************


It wasn’t the right time,
The choice wasn’t mine..
Everyone warned me,
It wasn’t meant to be..

I was astray, aimless, and free,
My life was wayward as I wanted it to be..
I was caught in your daze,
Unaware of this maze..

I had a taste of those gleaming eyes,
They drown me in, did’t let me rise..
Your eye enslaves me,
Your allure amazes me..

Your glimpse was such a treat,
I wonder when my heart started to beat..
My eyes yearn for your sight,
As you turn this abyss bright..

I wonder how to let you know,
That I just can’t let you go..
I wonder how to let you know,
How much love I have for you..

As vivid as hues of the skies,
I have dreams for us in my eyes..
I wonder which color you would like,
As beautiful as your face, I see none alike..

I want to touch you,
To feel you,
To caress you,
To hold you in my arm,
To experience arcadia in your charm..

You’re beautiful beyond belief,
I feel I am in a dream..
The world says you’re a stranger,
For you I might be a mere gazer..

I feel so forlorn,
I feel so alone..
What my heart says is beyond what words can describe,
I wonder if ever can I make you mine..

Don’t be so oblivious to my stare,
Don’t be so callous to my care..
Don’t leave me alone in this way,
We have to go a long way..

Hold my hand for a while,
Let’s walk together for a mile..
Let your lips utter my name,
Let me be your only mate..

I’ll never leave you behind,
I’ll always walk alongside..
Very few words, I don’t need to say
In this amalgamation of souls,Souls speak what words can’t convey..

This love is for life,
That defeats every strife..
If it still doesn’t convince you,
Insecurity and fear pinch you..

Peep into your heart,
Which figure do you see,
You don’t need to speak,
Your eyes just said to me..

I love you so much,
O Dear! You love me too..
To live in your eyes,
That’s all I want from you..

Hope You enjoyed it...
Now the stuff behind the scene..
I just heard a couple of lines of this song and the tune just stuck in my head..
The rhyme of this poem is based on the tune of this song..
Listen to the song..
And then you might try singing the lyrics up here.......

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