Revive the lost, Bring back your Pyaara Dost | Friends Forever, Apart, Poem

I was wondering at what measures the success of one's life-Money, Power, Fame...
Yeah! The world recognizes these as symbols of success..
But what about terms like prosperity, happiness, satisfaction.... none of the above mentioned three can give you those.. For these three you need life in you, and who gives you life?
Alive people around you,
Friends, Family and Lovers!!
They make it for you.

 Alone at the top
Alone At The Top

I have a few of those but time and again I tend to hurt people which I regret at times...
Then ego clashes, and the big QUESTION ...Why should i apologize first?
Quite unfortunate..!! And a small incident turns out to be the end of a long term relationship..
This isn't the way it should be like..

But it happens...
To me it happens quite often, as i speak a lot I tend to say things that are not meant to hurt but hurt.
I dedicate this piece of poetry to all those people whom I hurt, and I made up...and also to those who just kept parting away...
This has happened to me so badly that I have lost the sense of loss and pain to some extent and sometimes if someone decides to leave there is no voice calling back...

Anyways, before starting I want you to recall that one person who was so special to you but you parted ways due to some misunderstandings..



I know you are close to my heart,
Still we’re far apart..
I don’t have a name for this relation,
It is just a lovely sensation..

Tears and smiles,
That speak a heart’s voice..
You’re the only one, who hears,
The only one who cares..

To see you,
To talk to you..
To feel you,
To sense you..
I thrive to be with you,
I forget time with you..

So far apart yet so near,
This feeling is so dear..
But when I lose grip on your hand,
When this life wants us to disband..
My breath seems to cease,
My heart denies to beat..

In the days, when it rains,
Deep inside it pains..
As if the heavens are crying my fate,
Wonder how long should I wait..

I remember the things I said,
The things I never meant..
I feel so alone,
As these tears trickle down..

I feel your absence,
When I wipe them on my own..
All my efforts go in vain,
I look in the mirror in disdain..

I wanna devastate the panoramas we looked at,
I wanna ravage the stars we stared at..
But my heart still yells your name in every beat,
I feel you within, when I breathe..

But when I lose grip on your hand,
When this life wants us to disband..
My breath seems to cease,
My heart denies to beat..

It darkens all around,
Dark clouds cover the sun,
But my sun will shine again,
In the time to come..

Even the sun can’t escape the clouds,
Even earth can’t escape the droughts..
To lose hope is insane,
True love never goes in vain..

As clouds make way for the sun,
Sun and earth encompass as one..
Weathers never stay the same,
A bit of time and they change..

How strong these strings are, one wonders,
These relations don’t succumb to thunders..
Lovers and friends sulk for some time,
But they strive for a lifetime..

If ever you recall me,
Recall what we used to be..
Hold me close in your percept,
As I utter what I kept..

Vacate your head and heart,
No word, no one in my mind..
Hold your breath for a while..
And let silence entice your life..

You can resist a moment for air,
How can I resist for someone I care..

I end it with a beautiful track, a message, a wish........

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