There are friends & strangers, there are no enemies

friends forever
Friends, I hear this word million times a day, directed to one person or the other. Innumerable SMS have been typed, sent, forwarded to the extent of being termed spam. Thanks to 'har ek friend zaroori hota hai', you must have received the complete lyrics of that advertisement on your iPhone. Yeah, the reason why your nokia 1600 got choked yelling ' OMG itna lamba'. Like love, friendship can never be understood in terms of reason, extent and need. No matter how much we talk about it, I reckon unlike love it is one of the most underrated relationship. One would do almost everything for a lover. The word almost is just a safe option. But when it comes to friends limits pop up, out of nowhere. Everyone understands that bit of difference, not because they are understanding enough but because they also do the same sort of caste-ism, gender bias to be more precise.

You have been on this earth for quite some time now and you must be knowing quite a lot of people. You love some, you hate some. Hate! I don't like to use this word. It is a very loud word, unlike love which is quite polite and gentle. Anyways, let's question ourselves. But before that, think of a person whom you hate or dislike like hell, sort of  'isko to chalti train se dhakka dena hai'. I know he/she must be the worst person in the world, chhe chhe ek dum. Now just ask yourself, doesn't he have any friends? Is he alone? Is there none who loves him. the answer is a crude NO. Every ordinary person in this world has few ordinary persons around who make his life beautiful,  ek dum jhakkaas.

A very good friend Akshay says,

We're all a little weird & when we find those people whose weirdness is compatible we join up with them & fall into a mutually satisfying weirdness & call them our best friends.

No one in this world is bad, we all are lovely people. I guess you disagree. I somewhat agree to your disagreement.

Everyone in this world is as ugly as you, as beautiful as you.

It is just that his cover doesn't let you see through. He has certain traits which do not please you- arrogance, misdemeanor, ego, over smartness, at times intelligence, punctuality, honesty, ( Jee haan aisa bhi hota hai ). To cut the long story short, you still don't know him well enough. He might be with you for years but still he's just another stranger. There are friends & there are strangers, there are no enemies(title track).

Now the question arises, if he is such a nice fellow, then why don't you get well with him, mujhse kyu seeng bhidaaye rehta hai?  The answer is very simple, we are all born different. Even twins behave differently. How can one expect anyone to get well with everyone! You never know how similar people can turn out to be incompatible, and how dissimilar people can be great friends. Just like love, friendship is somewhat destined.

You never know when and how you find a beautiful person in front of your eyes. Some you can kick in the gut, some you can't (What the fukra?). I mean thanks to internet, facebook, blogger, twitter, friendster, myspace, youtube, digg, delicious, stumbleupon, orkut( RIP ), Google+( still in egg ), you meet innumerable people in the so called virtual world. Some skeptics would argue that life online is different, unsafe and blah blah. I think it is much safer and much simpler than the real one. Some people would say, you should not add strangers, but even your best friend was once a stranger. He must have introduced himself, 'mera naam chintoo hai , tumhara kya hai?'. 

You never know when where and how you meet a wonderful person.  He/she might be the one sitting next to you in the coffee shop, McD, or in the 'people you may know section', if your heart feels like, just go ahead, make a friend out of a stranger today.

Your stranger friend,

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