IPU Exam Papers Leaked | HMR, Organisational Behaviour, Third Year, Information Technology

Dear All,
So finally all the papers of OB have been checked at the Examination centre and your destiny as far as OB is concerned has been fixed.
So today I am putting up some more funny pictures for you (from the ones I checked today).

Well it was a fun to be attached wth you with some frustrating times as well (when you people used to keep on talking in middle of class  OR  dozing off as if she had put a night out studying OB OR  taking last seat just to relax as if it already had been a hard day's work OR indifference OR most of you missing attendance and then coming in lots to mark attendance at the end of class etc etc).
Anyways that is life and more so the moments in life of student is what one is going to cherish for whole of life.

Just wishing you best of luck for future and hope you do well (just get rid of night outs towards the end and for that do study at a slow and steady pace rather than getting a shock at the end).

Coming back to OB paper checking, I did check papers of atleast 35 students from HMR (some times I do feel that those 35 might have been unfortunate ones as they could have got more FREE marks had their paper landed in some other examiner's hand). Anyways that is life and one has to take it as it comes.

Anyways do well in future and I wish you lots of success in your life.


( A Teacher of an IPU college)

The names included in this text have been edited. This is a mail that was shot to the inbox of students of HMR students of IPU by their OB teacher trying to solve his grudges with his students. Since the teacher doesn't fear sending such a mail. I don't think I should refrain from posting it on my blog. So all IPU students, this one is for you. Your teachers and lecturers love you a lot! :D

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