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I wonder what drives people more. One word - media. The news which is rich with tastemakers hits the head hard. I am really surprised to see everyone talking about this very topic "Guwahati Girl Molested by 20 men". No one wants to know the reason why it happened. No matter who, why, when, where did it. If the women is at the receiving end, we all term it an act of misogyny. Why would a man beat a girl? No one bothers why.

  • Do you consider it a case of misogyny?
  • Why they were beating her?
  • Imagine a man being beaten by 20 women. How will you interpret it?
  • What hurts more a person being beaten by 20 others, or a woman being beaten by 20 men?
  • Are women weak?

It isn't an act of molestation.

Men were beating her, not molesting her. People there weren't just twenty something drunk guys hungry for skin. There were men who looked at least out of that bracket. They could easily have done anything they would have liked- thrash her completely which they did, rip her clothes completely which they didn't. As we know, there were 20 men and 1 woman. She could hardly fight back. They had already worked so hard beating her. Wasn't she a perfect candidate for a rape? No one did that. That's what really surprised me. 20 men had no apparent reason to leave her be. There is certainly a link missing here. Why they just wanted to beat her? Had the woman done something to enrage them. May be she had done some fraud, extorted money, blackmailed someone, kidnapped a child. there could be n different possibilities. But who cares.

Is it always Man vs Woman? | Culprits of Guwahati case
Is it always Man vs Woman? | Culprits of Guwahati case
If Yuvraj's batting form drops his mother's shown before Yuvraj. If anything goes wrong with anyone, media always approaches their respective relatives. I didn't see any such thing in this case. She had no relatives who she could contact at that time for help. Support is something that a person really needs during such tough time. It increases the probability of child being abandoned by her relatives. Why so? You watch masala TV more than I do. You are great at stories. Fact? May be not. Evident? Yes!

The problem is we see just one part of the story that is shown to us. We always look for 'what' and react. Our limited spectrum of thought doesn't allow us to think and evaluate to search for 'why'. By no means do I encourage any human being executed by the mob in that fashion. There is judiciary for that matter. But I guess the inactivity of that particular limb of the country make people enact and execute laws at will. Whatever happened was shameful, disgraceful and illegal. We should condemn such acts irrespective of who is at the receiving end. Blame the culprits not their gender. 20 intemperate men do not generalize to 3.5 billion others and vice versa. One innocent woman doesn't guarantee for others either and vice versa.  

Somewhere everyone knows that women are protected kids of law. I haven't heard of any women being sentenced for 5 years since birth. But that isn't part of my argument. I haven't heard any human being executed in India( though men have been sentenced to death).

I have lived in vibrant parts of the country. I have seen pick pockets being handled by the mob. If  a man picks a pocket he is made to pay every bit of it, by blood. If a woman picks a pocket, you really can't do anything about it. I have seen women carrying babies entering in pack of 5 circling around men, making them get off their seats and playing the game in a fraction of a time. Ask passengers on Delhi route number 254, 883. It is everyday story. I don't understand the discrimination. For me a pick pocket is a pick pocket. A person shall be treated on his/her merit rather than gender.It rarely happens in this country.

You are free to speak in the comment thread. I don't expect flowers.

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