My Sad Sun | Sunny side down, Art of Synchronization

Solemn Weather

Harmony is one thing just too hard to find among us. We are so amazingly different. Two kids of the same parents are so different (don't blame Darwin for that). We people are so unsynchronized in our way of thinking that even understanding each others' point of view becomes a herculean task at times. Communication gaps, generation gaps, I wonder how are we able to live with so much of gaps in between when we have to cut trees to make space for homes. You see a lot in trains, 5 men sitting on a seat meant for three. And suddenly a friend comes in and there's always room for him. Jagah seat pe nahi dil me honi chahie (you need space in hearts not on seats). Consider an aunty sitting alone on seat for two, trust me she's always overflowing and cribbing at people leaning over(no sexism intended). 

A lot of our valuable words and opinions are lost in thin air. Worse, your melody might reach the listener and echo back a blare. What's the missing link that leads to such catastrophes. We speak more than listen. We advocate more than discuss. We assume more of a master slave approach. My computer networks intellect talks to my poetic lobe, our communication never works on simplex(one person blabbering on the blog, and getting no comments). Half duplex is something we wish to achieve but delta to alpha over and out works only on border(yeah the movie) . It all comes down oh so important oh so long word Synchronization. Once you achieve that, the blare of a guitar turns to music and you into a musician. 


Once people begin to listen to you. It's altogether a different ball game altogether. Easier said than done! (Always). I was really disheartened by the disharmony in the urban jungle I live in. In the little time I had, I went on a journey with the nature as my accomplice. I was so amazed by tiny little things happening around me. I found something really interesting in the hide and seek the weather is playing these days. There's whole lot of clouds around yet no rain. Disheartening, but just look at the sky and you'll probably find something I have got addicted to.

Shedding tears on parched land,
Making a wet dough of aggrieved sand..
After travelling a thousand miles,
Borrowing sorrows and spreading smiles..

The clouds had come to meet,
But there was no one to greet..
The winds are silent and solemn,
And trees stand in a-tension..

The Sun is not at its fiery best,
It feels little gloomy and sad..
Because no one on this earth,
Ever gives a pat on his back..

The clouds wish to make him understand,
The beautiful earth has ugly inhabitant..
Curse you when sweat trickles down their neck,
Jinx us when the road turns into a riverbed..

Just like a mother pulls a blanket
Over a shivering child’s chest..
The clouds cover the dejected Sun,
So none sees him crying and make fun..

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