Common man's Struggle against Plutocracy | Cinquain, Poem

If people do not have their say, democracy crumbles down to aristocracy and plutocracy. When that happens freedom is just left a word on paper. And each person becomes a pot of inflammable fuel. He just needs a spark and the world will be set ablaze. Remember plutocracy ends when money finishes. Aristocracy ends when the ruler dies. Democracy is perpetual because it's people who make nation, they cannot die. If they all die, the nation dies.

If people do not speak,  Democracy crumbles down to become aristocracy

I dedicate it to every man striving for a better tomorrow. The struggle for better Governance being led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal really inspired me. 

"Live and Let Live!"

Common man
Broken awoken,
Questioned, Challenged, Denounced
The illimitable greed of the vicious self-consumed Plutocracy

Poetry is an art tough to master. It has evolved in different parts of the world with distinctive ideologies. I recall an Indian form in which every shloka had 16 maatra(similar to vowels in English). I wondered how one could write with such precision in number of maatra when poets today struggle even with the rhyming schemes. Just like India there have been poetic styles which have developed in all parts of the world.

Cinquain is form of poetry with just 5 lines. Now cinquain has been transformed and twisted by different cultures and countries to their own liking. The poem presented above is a Didactic Cinquain

Line 1- 1 Noun
Line 2- 2 Adjectives related to 1
Line 3- 3 Action Verbs related to 1
Line 4- 4 Feelings-a full sentence
Line 5- 1 Synonym or a word that sums it all up

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