Beauty- A Mystery, Nature's Addiction, Poem

We are so awestruck by the glitterati that we have lost the sense and feel of true beauty. What is beauty? Something that never diminishes, which is indelible by forces of time, that is beyond the limits of belief , that is beyond the reach of words. Let’s explore Beauty……

beautiful pink flowers, inspirational quotes
I wondered,
Why God works so passionately
to create beauty around us !
Then I thought
Why a man works so hard
just to bring a present for his kid !


Title:                "Khoobsurati" is a Hindi Word that means " Beauty".

Language:        English                    Hindi     

Beauty- A Mystery

Beauty.....!! Who is it? What is it? Where is it?
Beauty isn’t something what shimmers on the face,
Beauty isn’t something that parlance can trace..
It is just a feeling that rests within our hearts,
Something too dear to keep apart..
Or something that gleams in the eye,
Something so dainty so divine..
Lusting for a single sight,
They squander a lifetime..
But this treasure is for only those to achieve,
Who have a pure heart for it to perceive..
Who dedicate each moment of their lives
Who live for others beyond their demises..

Beauty is something which is unseen, unheard but felt. Observed but indescribable , which exists around unacknowledged, which captivates you sometimes and drives you from bed to another day in the morning...
Beauty is unknown, still it is very much known, beauty is within each one of us... Beauty is divine !!

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