What is art? It is something creative, or something which isn't quite obvious, something that we aren't used to. I guess it is something that makes you go "wow", as simple as that. It is something that you remember for a good long time. Where do we find such everlasting art? Art galleries? Oh come on! In a samosa design, in alienware machines, mozilla logo, art is everywhere. These might be tiny things that we somehow tend to ignore or take as trivial, but it doesn't diminish the artistic thought behind them. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, they say. 

Art is a way of expression of thought and emotions. For me the most beautiful emotion would be happiness. Anything that carves a smile on those lips is a great piece of creativity for me. I love to click pictures. It's my way to show people how beautiful they are. I read somewhere, "every girl looks beautiful when she smiles". Life is about connecting your happiness to others. When you make someone happy, deep inside you feel happy too.

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Life is about laughing your bad moments off, but not the lessons. Art in true sense should not just astound a viewer for a moment and fade away. It should leave him with a question, some dilemma and some food for thought. It might remind him of a past experience and somewhere he might search himslef in that artwork. If that happens it becomes immortal. Even if it is buried under timelines, it is there with him in his pre-conscience.

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Art should be unfathomable, limitless, and something that makes a mockery of set standards. The rule of thumb is to break the rules. It should amuse, inspire, and astonish the viewers. It should free you and them from barriers. You should achieve that the real world can't provide. Cartoons! Who would have thought 200 hundred years ago that a cat and mouse series would be seen by an age group of 5-100 years! Everyone of the millenium gone by knows how wonderful source of entertainment and wisdom comics and cartoons were. A Talespin episode explained me why printing enormous currency isn't going to solve the money scarcity problem, when I was just 6 years old.

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They can bind your arms, blindfold your eyes but not your imagination. Those with freedom in their thought build the courage to break free from worldly barriers.

Keep your creative side up, because that's a wonderful way to be yourself for a while and a welcome departure from 9 to 9 desk jobs. That's a little trailer of my digital art gallery, I would someday like to print and bind into books and sell you for 5 McAloo Tikkis. But currently they are for free at GvSparx Facebook Page. Stay in touch, I read all the comments.

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