First Job's First Friends' Party

22 February 2013 was a turning point in my life. I got placed in a firm I really wished to be a part of, Mu Sigma. Seeing all the hard work paying off is one thing, staring at the future is another. First job is always very special. My friend +Akanksha Dureja  says that the friends you make on your first job are the most special ones. I made those friends even before I officially joined. Respected Saket Kumar Jha aka Sardaar created this group called "Mu Sigma Freshers 2013". Gradually people from all parts of the country began to join in and we all just started to click. We all come from different backgrounds but we all are same in one aspect that we all are raring to go for our first job. The innocence, the stupidity, long chats are a part of our daily routine now. After significant activity, I was made an admin just like 9 other top blabbers.

We used the group chat to talk for hours picking up at each other. "Gaurav is assigned the job to handle all the female requests to the group rest Abhishek and Saket would take care of". Then Aayush would come complaining "yaar koi ladko ko bhi puchh lia karo". And then I would say "I leave male ones just for Akanksha", then Akanksha would fend off and there would be no end to picking, tricking and laughing. We all have knit a very happy bunch to an extent that we all have decided to organize an "Admin Party".

10 fukrey far from their homes in an unknown city, you would expect them to go to a bar and party all night, but no. We all have decided to cook at home, our own homes and not some inherited land. And whosoever fails to make something gets to hear "maaike se kuchh seekh ke aaya hai ki nahin". Now you must be thinking what all can I cook. Well I can boil water but not milk, because I get bored and it tips over. I can make pizza using my land-line phone. I can also make African chapatis. Africans don't make chapatis, my chapati looks like Africa.

But I am sure my dishes are gonna be the best of the lot because Masterchefs have got my back. No, Vikas Khanna isn't cooking for me. Kitchens of India have a range of "heat and ready" products crafted by the Masterchefs of ITC hotels for "khaane me sher, banaane me dher" people like me. After a psychometric analysis of my friends' eating desires, I have drafted a vegetarian menu because I am vegetarian and I would eat major share of what I cook.

Main course would consist of gorgeous looking Vegetable Biryani, Dal bukhara and African chapatis. I would also like to include Shredded Mango Chutney because it just sounds too tasty to ignore.

Dal Bukhari
Vegetable Biryani Mix

It would be followed by Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa. The inspiration behind this is my lovely dad, who always eats less in weddings just to keep space for two servings of Moong dal halwa. 

Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa
This gorgeous dinner could not be served in cubicle like apartments, the setting has to as unique and grand as the food. I have chosen the calm, serene and breezy banks of Kundallahalli lake. It feels so romantic thinking about it here. The party is always incomplete without entertainment and especially without music. Gadgets are not allowed in the party. No phones no tabs no music? Since Akanksha is the only girl in the group, so as gentlemen, each one of us would sing her a song or a poem. Everyone in this world has a singer, an artist and a poet in him, all he needs is a push and appreciation. We have photographers like Gaurav and cinematographers like Subhojit in our group so the party clicks and flicks are gonna rock the social media.

Far from families and friends we are going to make a world of our own and these parties help us to make our bonds stronger and ever lasting. I know it would be difficult to stay away from family but a family is what you create not what you are born in. If you wish to have fun at our party, either join the company and some cooking classes or wait for the pictures coming soon at GvSparx page

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