My Most Awkward Moments

Once in chemistry lab I put a beaker on Bunsen burner, and as I looked for water, it cracked due to heat. Once I was throwing a paper ball into the dustbin, it swung and hit my Physics lecturer. Once my class teacher asked me to rehearse a laugh for a play, I began laughing and didn't ever stop.

We all have had awkward, bad and ego crunching moments. The moments you recall and say I could have done that differently. But the clock is brisk, erase and amend features are not available. Before you think about the second gone by, another comes glaring in the eye. There's no way to escape or relax, you just have to get on with it. Life is long enough to regret and repent, 60-70 years is no way short. But that's not how you would like to put that away. You would like it to be filled with chapters you wish to read and re-read every now and then. For that, move on, just like a race driver does after a bad second, a bowler after a bad minute, a stock broker after a bad hour, a BPO executive after a bad day, an economist after a bad year.

A failure is joke if you wish to laugh, an oozing wound if you wish to hide. Don't try to suppress your bad moments. Rather, share those with the people you trust. On a weekend with your friends, you would love to tell how you tried to show your answer sheet to a pretty girl and got caught, than the exam you topped. Human memory is limited and hence selective when it marks as “to be cherished”. 

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