The big funny injection machine

Hey buddies.
Good to be back.
I must tell you about the last Sunday. After struggling for over a couple of months with a tumor in my upper lip, getting those burning chemicals and eating large amount of antibiotics didn’t help. So, I finally decided to get it removed.
I expect Sundays to be the best part of life, but mine was not to be. I went to the hospital.  After some conversation with the doctor, the prepared for the surgery and that too in front of my eyes. They got some electrical instrument, a pencil like rod with wire wound over it and when the compounder turned it on. Goodness me it started to glow with heat like we see in heaters. He switched it on and off, on and off..Trouble, trouble!!!
I lay on the bed. Doctor came and asked compounder to give anesthesia. Ok! He got an injection, anyways I can handle that. That little pushes of liquid off the syringe, not to worry. It was to be worried for, it had to be injected in the lip. What the hell, I haven’t got any injection in my arm, this one’s o the lip!! Stop kidding me. I could feel some kind of lava flowing through the lip, and the very next moment it was dead.
 Injection to the lip, and that heater wire, I guess I had no reason to keep my eyes open.  My dad was with me and he moved out of the room, probably could not witness it all. But the ears can’t be shut so easily. Doctor said to his assistant”Touch Karaao” and I could smell the smoke, something burning and that was nothing but my lip. After some time, I heard “Thoda aur touch karaao” I was about to yell “arre daant bhi jalaaoge kya”.
 It was finished. I was relieved at head if not at the lip. Anesthesia hurt for quite some time. I reached home, and my cousins cracked jokes. Instead of my loud laughter a trembling voice saying “Yaar joke mat maaro,dard hota hai”. I couldn’t smile or talk properly, forget about laughing. But now I am feeling absolutely perfect. Thank you guys for your wonderful wishes.

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