Is There Anyone To make you " Happy "?

This post doesn’t have any video or poem attached with it. So if you are looking for entertainment please look into some other posts. There are many of them. What I am searching for today is an answer to a question that has been troubling me for quite some time now.
Wish to be happy
There are people around you to make you a responsible person, to teach you how to perform your duties, how to be a perfect man. To make sure you don’t indulge into wrong habits. Don’t drink, smoke, party too late, and stay with wrong people. Go to school, college, office- Study hard, work hard- Use your income/ pocket money wisely - Take care of making savings.
We have just about everyone here to make our lives living hell, an example for others to follow. I wonder why there is everyone to make it so monotonically ideal. Is it that bad to be different? Is it that bad to have fun, to drink, to smoke, to have late night parties, to flirt, to be naughty, and to screw the rules? “YES, it is criminal” answer the Wise Men.
I submit!
There are parents, teachers, lecturers, wives and husbands to make you stick to the rules. But is there just anyone for you to make sure that you enjoy your life? Is there anyone, for whom your smile is of prime importance and not the bloody idealism? I don’t see any. I wish I could name one such person!
I wish we had schools, colleges, where we could be admitted, pay a hefty fee, but could guarantee that the kid enjoys himself. I wonder if there’s a place where your happiness, the glitter on your face, the cheer in your heart is valued more than your marks and your eventual pay scale. I want a place without any competition, without anything that differentiates between winners and losers, where everyone is alike, not just happy, but rocking.

One crazy person who makes you crazy, and makes you forget everything, the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, dos and don’ts … One person who can keep you alive! If you have one, value him, you’re really lucky! 

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