Goodbye - The Last Heartbeat, Poem

Long I have traveled on the thin line,
The one between my death and your love..
And the world rotates in front of my eyes,
As I rise above..

I have lost too much trying to figure things out,
It was one and only you I can’t live without..
I try I fail I cry, I try giving up, I fail, I try,
Could never find the reason why..

For the perpetual love my soul spread far and wide,
Gave me nothing but a reason to be alive..
A life cursed by distance between you and me, I live,
Because it’s you the other end of the world, I love..

And my love tries to find a way,
Speeding across the supernovas..
As I am crushed within self,
In my black hole of death..

I don’t fear death,
I don’t fear the end..
For it’s not the breath in my windpipe,
It’s your love that pumps my heart with life..

I promise to be alive,
Till you kiss me and bid goodbye..
For once and for ever,
I’ll go, I’ll die..

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