Lust - Need or Greed | Poem

 Alone man, Lust need or greed, Tughlaqabad

He is again on his own,
Walking the boulevard all alone..

The sky is dim,
The street is lit..
Under the neon labels,
It’s dark crawling down a bit..

All the souls burnt and hurt,
Found a way to this road..
Not for an immortal tale,
Rather for a night's bail..

Some, who were loved unloved,
Some, who had a broken trust..
Some, here to break someone’s trust,
Some, just to quench their lust..

Down the street, there's nervy guy,
Uncertain in head, moist in the eye..
Trying to figure out,
The wrong and the right..

Wobbling and dragging each step,
He goes unnoticed as it's been throughout his life..
Two beautiful eyes catch his daze,
And lure him in to the cave..

His mind is numb,
A chill sears through..
As his heart thumps,
Freaking goose bumps..

Heard of stairs to the heaven,
Here are some to the hell..
Dark and deluded,
He sees no end..

He is taken by a soft hand,
To a dingy cell..
Humid, dark and cramped,
With walls muted and dead..

There's little room to talk,
Love and understand..
Forcing an atrocious quenching of fire,
They burn in their insane satisfaction of desire..

As their hearts thump,
And they are out of breath..
They slog through this night,
With no promise, no foresight..

Lust has always been despised as satisfaction of physical senses. It is indeed undeniable that every relationship needs physical and mental assurance. In fact, it has been medically established that human body needs physical interaction for better immunity and stress free life. Love and lust are two sides of the same coin. Every individual needs his/her share of it. When someone doesn't get it, it is certain that he/she is gonna look for it somewhere or the other, in worse cases leave it on fate. A lot of people resort to brothels. Are they right or wrong? Think twice instead of giving an impromptu answer. Lust without love? Are you sure you actually were looking for something like that.
This poem isn't intended to draw an answer out of you, it rather aims to make you think from a wider perspective. It took a lot of courage writing it, as it's a different genre altogether.

But a writer has to be outspoken to paper if not to people.

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