Sack and Rag | Christmas Carol, Poem

He looked up and he saw some open windows,
A beautiful young girl was counting stars...
He looked down and he saw some broken glass,
A young guy kicking stones alas..

He found an ally down the street,
Reptiles and mosquitoes were there to greet..
He put a rag sack under his head,
And slept, with a smile, on his earthy bed..

He was fast asleep,
Walking alone even in his dream…
He heard a voice, he turned back,
Surprised to see an old fat man…

He broke into laughter and finally uttered,
“O man dressed in red, with a flowing white beard…
Why are you in this fancy dress, it’s freezing cold here,
Go home, sit by the fire and sip some beer”

The man laughed back at his innocence,
And said “I have some things to deliver”, hinting at his bag..
Little kid inquired “you must be a postman!”,
“Haha! I never really knew that..”

"What are you delivering tonight?"
“Wishes, cheer and smiles”
"Can you sneak one for me too",
"We won’t let anybody know"..

Ho ho ho, okay what do you want?
A giant house near an ocean deep,
Where the sun, moon and the earth meet..

In a town where wind of love prevails,
Where there is enough food,
Clothes and shelter to share..
Where there’s some time to spare..

Before an answer would come,
A drop fell from the skies..
He woke up to a view,
That brought a gleam in his eyes…

Little drizzle, little sun and a faint rainbow surrounded his life,
He sat and admired the lovely drawing, he had a slice of time..

We all are blessed with some unseen rather unnoticed gifts. Before asking for one tonight, just thank God and Santa for what they have given you without your prayer.

Wish you a merry Christmas.
Share it with the people you love and wish them a Merry Christmas from my side too... 

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