Castration, chopping genitals, or more? | The Bigger Issue : Why Men Rape ?

A rape is the most heinous crime. It not only wrecks the victim's body, but also leaves an indelible mark on her mind, heart and soul. The wounds can be healed but scars can only be concealed. When such crimes occur in a metropolitan like Delhi, one thinks if that's the state of security in the heart of the nation then what would it be like in the rest of it. 

What is the solution?

Corporal Punishment

Definitely yes. We live in a country where it takes 4 years to punish a terrorist who was caught showering bullets on camera. The state of Judiciary is really grim. The amount of corruption in judiciary is next only to defense services. In order to bring that belief back, corporal punishment is necessary to act as a deterrent. For a person who reads newspaper on a daily basis, it is difficult to recall one case in which the culprit faced 7 year imprisonment( the maximum punishment for a rape case). 

Those men didn't just have sex, they tortured that innocent girl to an extent that she has undergone several surgeries and is still struggling. She just survived 'by chance'. There's no punishment sufficient for such demons. There is a huge cloud of people raining in punishment options like castration, chopping off genitals, hanging them publicly. Great! We just rolled few centuries back. But if it curbs crime, nothing like it. 

But would it? What we are doing here is just chopping off some leaves of a corrupt tree. It's a temporary solution just like rubbing where it is itching. The problem has to be uprooted not it's symptoms and outcomes. 

Why men rape?

Why men irrespective of their education, social status, intellect are committing such heinous crimes. Do they not respect women? Do they not fear judiciary? Do they have no control over their hormones? Why is no one questioning the reasons behind such extreme behavior. Why are we targeting 6 criminals but not the whole ideology behind crime. A mere punishment cannot control what a man does on that flip second. One has to look to solve their issues.

If the sex ratio of a place is 1000 +-20 it's natural. Anything more variant hints something fishy. Have a look at this for that matter.

Immigration policies, sex ratio, population, all are responsible for their such nature. Delhi has highest influx of immigrants in the country which is chiefly composed of male labor class. Delhi also has the highest rate of population increase in the country. Lastly, the situation of sex ratio is grim as ever. There are people who barely see one woman in a day. A lot of private bus drivers work for 16 hours a day. I ain't justifying their actions. But they as well as everyone of their 'kind' needs help. We can't hang or chop genitals of all such bus and auto drivers. "Sex is a basic need like food", I ain't saying that. Punjab’s head of prisons Shashi Kant said that as a part of his proposal to the state government citing surge in unprotected sex between male inmates and more HIV cases in result.

Those 6 men have committed a crime and one of the most heinous ones. They should be put behind bars as per IPC. But we can't neglect the bigger picture. Punishing one guy sets an example but for how long. We have to act on the root. Why those men have to resort to such activities? As a psychologist would suggest, rapes are committed not because a man sees too much, but because he sees too less ( I ain't talking about skin here). They hardly interact with women and develop a child psychology of wanting the things you don't get, more desperately.

We somehow need to bridge the communication gap between men and women, so that there is no abrupt extreme behavior. It's not just about rape, the innumerable cases of eve teasing that don't even get reported are also a major concern. We have to create an environment, where men respect women truly and not just by fear of law.

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