Before the doors get closed | Enigma of Love, Unrestricted Passion, Poem

Something that makes you forget limits, love is that passion...
Something you makes you forget yourself into someone's presence, love is that intoxication..
Something that invites and engulfs you in, and never let's you move out again, love is that whirlpool...
Love, so many definitions, still none conclusive, that diversity of imagination is love....
All I could say reading this enigmatic poem, from the pen of Shikha Sourav

Erotic Love unstoppable, mirror

After seeking sex,
My thoughts are left on stained island..
Thy walk all alone, covering a distance between time and space..
Introduced to love bites,as they stepped further,
Tired but blessed, smiling from the bushes..
Ideas were crushed and smells magnolia magnolia,
As longing for desire desire,
Urged and kissed the subconscious thread of intimacy,
Piercing all beads of sweat after seeking the ULTIMATE..
Mirror and mirror all around, but not a true reflection,
Peeping into the eyes and asking Salvation salvation....
Oh! Its erotica erotica..
Deepening me deep in the illusion,
Took me towards serenity
Oh! Beauty of the soul
I'm late ,yeah am getting late
To reach the shallow depth of my innerness
Before the doors get closed.....

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