I wanna be with you | Distanced but not Apart, I Miss You, I Need You

I was just flipping old notebooks and I have something here from the vault. No matter how far you are from your someone special, there is something that connects you both so tight that you can't and you don't want to escape each other's presence. Distances are never physical. If you don't like someone, you could be together whole day, but you hardly notice them or talk to them. If you like someone, you could be busy in your work but you always think of the one you love.

I need You

I wish I could fly in the darkest nights,
Million miles in the endless skies...
Because you're so far from me,
And I just can't let it be...

Cause you are my voice, my sight,
My life,
You are my poem that my heart and soul recite..
Before this night fades away,
Before your dreams take you away..

I wanna be with you,
I wanna feel you..
Have your sight,
Hold you tight,
To caress you with my eyes,
To hear your mellow voice..

To sense you, to feel you are mine
..For a moment -divine..
You know I love you very much,
We’re far apart, time is such..

I stare at the door for my only need,
I won't blink till my eyes bleed..
I just wish for a glimpse of you,
You don't know how much I miss you..

I failed all the times I tried,
But today I just cried..
Remembering the times when you were with me,
Realizing how distances crept up between you and me..

I can’t accept the way it is,
I can’t change the way it is..
When we can't be together anymore,
I don’t know what I am living for..

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