I am Away | A Day Out of Life, Girlfriend and Boss can wait ;)

This is by far the weirdest thing I have written. I have written a lot about love, relationships, their dynamics, some critical current issue. But this time I have written something out of the box. I wonder if I did justice to the topic I picked. How badly we're caught in the busy beautiful life. You have a good family, a good girlfriend(assuming they exist :P ), a good job, everything just about perfect. You are fulfilling all your duties to perfection. Everyone needs a piece of you, and you happy giving that. A moment comes out of nowhere , when you find you are doing everything for everyone else, but forgot to love the most important person of your life. Whom? You yourself. You need and deserve a bit of yourself !
That is the reason... I am away : D

I am Away

I love the chill of breeze,
I love the waving trees..
I love my life tonight,
It’s so lightning bright..
Enjoy being alone, happy alone

I have taken a flight to an unknown site,
I don’t wanna go home tonight..
I want to leave out the rest and live this life,
I want to fall in love again with this life..

My phone is humming a song,
I guess it’s my ring tone..
I like the melody,
I wanna make a parody..
I don’t mind if it’s a tragedy..
I can’t hear a word,
And like tweety bird,
I sing a song,
Sing a song..
Sing a song,
On the wonder tone..

Hey hey!
Hold a second, just a moment..
With the song, something wrong..
What’s wrong?
It’s not a song,
 It’s my bloody freaking ring tone..

Someone must be calling and yelling my name,
Pick the phone, Pick the phone..
Where the hell have you gone..
I take a sneak peek,
Wondering who’s calling me..
Yeah! It’s my girlfriend..
I am her cute sweet boyfriend..
She loves me, I love her..
She irritates me, I love her,
She yells at me, I love her,
She freaks me out, I love her,
Cut cut cut!
Hey Hey !!
I am away..
Hey hey!!
I am away!!
I let the phone buzzing,
No one fussing..
Don’t stay quiet,
Turn this moment a bright ..
Make this night dance along,
Sing a song..
Sing a song..
Don’t mind even if it’s,
My bloody freaking ringtone..

The sun has set,
The sky is darkening..
The stars are peeking,
Some are sparkling..
As I see this endless sky,
Stars sparkle in my eye..
Oh God listen to me,
You can’t be deaf to me..
There’s a star there in the sideline,
To the left of those big lights,
Sad and scared, dull and frail..
In the dark, alone, afraid..
Turn it a little bright,
Shine it like the moon light..

Sing a song..
Sing a song..

I forgot something in the sideline,
It was close to deadline..
My phone buzzes again,
I look at it with disdain..
It’s my boss,
Oh gosh!!
What the hell?
I yell!!
I had an assignment,
My life’s confinement..
It’ll keep buzzing in my head,
Until I am dead..
Hey Hey!!
I am away..
Hey hey!!
I am away..
I wanna do it all wrong,
I don’t wanna pick up the phone..
I hope they go to hell,
And ring the bell..
And the door replies,
Yamraj’s busy, freak yourself..
Haha!! That was fun,
Without a wise man’s pun..
Without anything perceptive,
Without anything deceptive..
Without any hidden intension,
Without much apprehension..
Without the boss’s art,
A worker acting over smart..

Oops! Oops! Oops!
As my hands slip in the pocket..
Keys that locked the office last night,
Are accompanying me tonight..
Shall I go and give them back,
So that everything is back on track..
No no… Just chill,
Don’t bother and kill the thrill..
Let everybody else, too have a day,
Something more than a Sunday..
Out in the daylight,
From the life that’s not life,
Go away…
For a day..
Make a change,
Get a change..
Please awake,
Take a break..
Go away…
For a day..

Let me enjoy,
Let me rejoice..
I am away,
On a day out..
To be myself,
To sing aloud..
I love the way these waves come,
Never idle, always breathing fun..
Like a voice of freedom,
Like choice of wisdom..
Like a thought of insanity,
Like a life of divinity..

I walk along the shores,
Away from the chores..
To spend some time alone,
Not alone..
I am with me,
That’s how life should be..
You should give time to the Mr./Ms. Most Important,
The simple selfless yourself..

My phone is humming a song,
I guess it’s my ring tone..
I like the melody,
I wanna make a parody..
I don’t mind if it’s a tragedy..
I can’t hear a word,
And like tweety bird,
I sing a song,
Sing a song..
Sing a song,
On the wonder tone..

Picking it up…
Umm na na!! :P
Super Crazy Garfield

If you too are in caught in a life, which is being lived at someone else’s way. Take a day out. If someone is writing the story of your life, you deserve to tear out a blank page out of it, to say the least. And write what you feel like. Take a day out and go away !!
And find what the world has in store for you. Let's find the "Real Beauty"

Disclaimer: Please don't try to find any resemblance between the article and my life.
Tumhara kuch nahi jaeyega mere ghar me kalesh ho jayega !!

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