I hate my birthday | Poem

I hate my birthday because for one day every year I am faked at, with a smile

My dear birthday,
I am sorry for
Not lighting up my home a little more,
Not getting cake and candles to blow,
Not wearing the your famous cap for long,
Not finding people to sing your song,
Not celebrating you the way other kids do,
Making you feel desolate, I never meant to

But let me tell you honestly
I hate you
Because of you, I have to
Imagine blowing of candles and enduring the silence that would follow
Assume delight and fulfillment when deep inside I feel so hollow
Accept your wishes from people who don’t wish me morning otherwise
Fake a smile at people who would walk past without saying Hi
Feel dejected waiting interminably for people I wished at midnight
Just hate people and you, because I don’t want to alleviate my plight

You don’t go like a day mundane,
You are on phone, taskbar, social media and mail..
You shroud my universe with unforgiving disdain,
You conspire to inflict misery and pain..

I wish I didn’t know when I was born,
Amid abrading expectations a kid’s wishes are torn
Ignorance is bliss; the bliss is long gone,

I wish I could live it by like any other day, truly, a man unknown

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