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Thinking a million times,
Walking around railway lines..
Waiting won't be peaceful as much,
It won't be fun as such..

Counting the sleeping pills,
Looking through the bottle in pink..
Abdominal bleeding and vomiting blood,
Don't want last minutes to be such..

How about jumping off the hilltop,
Riding on a fate unknown, like a raindrop..
Just launching without the countdown,
3-4 seconds of plunging down..

Listening to the wind,
Feeling as light as nothing..
Just at the last moment, shutting eyes down,
A thud against the ground..

The neck breaks like a foot tramps a twig,
The blood gradually climbs down the lip..
As I take my ultimate breath,
No wrath, no math, no aftermath..

Why do people commit suicide? The reasons could be many. Some have debt, lost love, lost respect, boredom, and the popular "nothing to look forward to" syndrome. Reasons could be many. It could be self indicted or provoked as well. You could be contributing to someone's pain and predicament, knowingly or unknowingly. The reason behind a suicide could be a big one or an amalgamation of plenty of little ones. All the disappointments and let downs pile up and then one immediate cause absolutely breaks it. The process is more like little blows fill up a balloon and then finally a little pin prick blasts it off.

When a person is in that mood of a filled balloon. He starts evaluating everything that passes his eye as an alternative way to escape from life. He would start looking for painless ways to commit suicide. Yeah, he would wonder how to commit suicide without pain, because no one wants to see himself crying and writhing in pain in the last few minutes. They would rather like getting high, hallucinating, and just flying in their own space of desire. There are plenty of pills to commit suicide on, roads and railway lines, buildings (if not cliffs). Too many neat,easy and convenient suicide methods are there in this world.

The bigger question is why would someone do that, more so is it so damn necessary. It isn't that alarming a question. At some point in time, almost each one of us has felt that "I want to commit suicide" even though the situation wasn't too huge to handle. One can't let this happen to oneself. Giving up is easy. It is good to ask yourself a question, "have I done something worth?", ya sounds something like, "have I made it large?". Even if the answer is "yes", you have a second filter, "can I do something more" or "can I make it larger"(don't look down). Of course the answer is always yes. You can always do more than you have done so far. That's what makes all of us so very special. If you think you're an absolutely useless, go to an orphanage or old age home, help people out with their lives. Maybe you start valuing your life when you see it making a difference to others'.

Still if you feel it is not good enough a reason, listen to Bob Marley's don't worry be happy or simply send a message to me. I might change your reason for suicide with my blabber. If it is too serious, consult a psychiatrist or local suicide helpline. 

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