O' heart I ain't mending you again | Poem

O' heart I ain't mending you again #AfterEffectsOfABreakUp

O' heart I ain't mending you again,
because the story is going to be the same..
Some characters replaced, 
Some angles changed..

The moment your wounds would begin to heal,
You'd begin to jump and squeal..
I would run behind you,
You, behind someone else..

You would again build castles in the air,
grow wings and fly beyond..
The limits, the world defines,
The rules, that love defies..

You would again fall in love,
With wings too delicate to fly..
You would hit bottom at a thousand mile,
With a broken you within, I'd have to wear a smile..

When there would be no one around,
I would hug you and cry..
I would abuse every love song,
And humm a lullabye along..

O' heart I'll mend you again,
But don't you ever go away..
Because underneath this me going mad,
I just can't see you sad..

I didn't write this poem treating heart as an organ. I wrote it feeling it like a baby being cared by its mother. She asks, tells, scolds her little bud not because she doesn't want him to play, have fun and enjoy its freedom but because she fears if it falls it might get badly hurt. She teaches herself to sacrifice her little one's little smile to save it from tears. But the kid is born to run wild and play. It is destined to learn on its own. You might stop yourself, but you can never stop your heart to do what it feels. That's what makes it special. It fights for its freedom.

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