Don’t Hurt me ♥ | Love Unloved, Care Uncared, Heart Cries Out, Poem

We never care for what we have, we take it for granted.
We ignore who is with us, and join the mad race to get a glimpse of who can never be ours.
This way we not only ruin our life but also of those who need us dearly.
If you think you are on the same track, make sure you don't go too far away. 
Take a little time, please turn back.

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Don’t Hurt me

Today that I am so near,
You don’t even care..
You look
You overlook..
As if I don’t mean a thing,
You never notice the smile I bring..

You’ll miss me when i’ll be away,
Cry as loud as you may..
But your screech won’t reach,
No matter how deliriously you beseech..

Don’t search my face in the clouds and the sky,
Don’t look for my scent in the breeze that passes by..
Don’t look for my essence in the sea waves,
Don’t look for touch in the sun rays..

Its all vain, so just don’t lament,
Just peep into heart for a moment..
Don’t move, don’t blink,
Just give yourself a moment to think..

Though not bond
We were never apart,
Though not the only one,
But I was always in your heart..

I am the one, who loves your eyes, steals your every tear,
In this nefarious world, The one who deprives you of fear..
One who gifts you roses, and only got thorns to bear,
One who is alive just for you O dear..

Don’t overlook when you look,
Don’t overhear when you hear..
I was always yours, i’ll always be,
Spare a thought before you hurt me..

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