Discovering Beauty | "Khoobsoorti ki Talaash" ,Nature, Love, Poem

An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired…

Can it be seen?

Can it be touched?
You can just feel it, and let it entice you in… A majestic experience that can’t be expressed in words…
When nature shows its colors, you keep losing yourself into its all encompassing beauty… It never diminishes, it just keeps increasing..
It has various forms different for you and me, different emotions attached to it…but yet there is something which stays the same…what it gives us……

Pure Pleasure



Discovering Beauty
I found beauty in mysterious night sky,
The stars scintillating in my eye..
I found beauty in these majestic scenes,
The sun and cloud play on the sky screens..

I found beauty in the ambiance all around,
In the captivating fragrance that surrounds..
I found beauty in the dew on the fern,
Sparkling like a jewel, in the sweet sun..

I found beauty in the sun’s glitter,
In the mystic sparrow’s twitter..
Fluttering of shivered feather,
Their flight in breezy weather..

I found beauty in the soothing breeze,
Enlivening the soul with indescribable ease..
Flickering through the lush trees,
Its rippling of the amaranthine seas..

I found beauty in the ceaseless seas,

In its quenching of beaches..
Enticing in its allude harmony,
in its melodious symphony..

As this beauty evades me through,
I wonder how  gently it reminds me of you..
I believe you miss me too,
Remember me as dearly as I do..

Hope you felt a bit of it.... If yes, do tell me :)

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