Is there a Home For Donkeys like us?

Is there a
Home For Donkeys like us?

In a really pensive mood today!
I am Googling weird things... Searching for something that cheers me up!
And finally I am hit by a thought that how a teen's life resembles to a donkey... (Dare you recall my photos!!)
Or rather worse at times!!

The amount of work a teen is supposed to do is as difficult as carrying tons of load on your back. The load of expectations of family and friends, studies, the competition ahead, and career takes its toll on an adolescent’s mind. A numb mind, a tired soul, that wishes to just sit back a give itself a moment of peace not silence. Do we not deserve care, love, and appreciation or not going too far, at least we deserve to be heard?
 A lot of instances come in life when you want to cry, but you don't get a shoulder to cry upon. Even if we cry, look to give things up, the world shows no mercy.

I look at a donkey carrying heavy load; he doesn't look alien to me. So I ended up Googling "Home for Helpless Donkeys". Like a vagabond, I wandered across a number of pages and learnt about something substantial. 
And i found strikingly similar..... Home for Helpless donkeys!

Talking about donkeys, there are many  of those,  street donkeys, asses & mules in Leh that have been injured similar to what happens everyday around us. Many of them are old, disabled and no longer able to work so they are abandoned in the street, left on their fate. After an already hard so called 'life' , they are compulsed to feed on trash around them . We're also heading the same road. We are capable to do almost anything at youth but not quite at old. And that moment I don't think we would ever be cared. You can't prevent yourself from feeling for this animal and for yourself as well.

Here we can talk about a very unique idea of a Home. Unique for the way, Humans treat animals. "Home for Helpless Donkeys" is the answer to this big question. It was set up by South African photojournalist Joanne Lefson and run by caretaker Padma Dorje where these lovely cute donkeys receive medical care, food and a sanctuary away from Leh's vicious dogs. They are being given a life that they deserve probably more than us. Or not quite!
Isn't it amazing, eating, mating and playing with a warm space to sleep, Oops!! only for donkeys. I was pretty touched with the kind gesture some people have shown for this discarded breed of animals. 

But I wonder why we confuse a donkey’s innocence for stupidity!
Wonder why we use his name as slang..
I feel pathetic for this misdemeanor and apologetic to this wonderful creature.
Next time you see a stray animal think about his misery, an d feed something … Let’s be human to animals..

There should be a place for me as well somewhere- after being called a donkey a million times by fellows, I certainly feel I stand a chance to get admission in the Home for Helpless donkeys! Hopefully there should be no entrance test there.
If there is one, I would rather be myself going there. I am sure they'll understand. 

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