Types of Women! -10 | Types of Men! - LOL They All Are Same | A Women's Day Special

I wish Happy International Women’s Day, to all lovely ladies. I take this opportunity to thank all the women in this world, who make my life worth living. And I would also thank those who make it miserable [: D]

I often wonder what a world without women would look like, without a mother’s food, without a girl’s killer smile, without a little baby screech. How would it be? The simplest answer would be – Colorless. Every guy would admit that no matter How irritating, crazy, stupid, emotional, (brake brake brake)girls might be, he can’t live without her.
We (I)love you all.. (See my facebook if you too :P )
As girls always say they are beautiful, caring, pretty, sensible, and men are all same… I try to agree to them!

1.      Gyaani Dhyaani - Ah! Such a big word, ya I said it [:D]. Yes, it suits some women that are a part of your life. I dedicate it to all mothers who know just everything. I wonder how they do without detectives!!
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2.      Principled- Rare ! But yes they exist, I really respect and admire them. The ones who wear their grace and principles and take pride in doing that. These are the ones who don’t lag behind in race of life but tend to overtake fierce competitors.
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3.      Xtra Premium Extra mileage - Sticky!! No matter what the time is, no matter where they are a glimpse of who would make the wall so interesting to look at. Still they always manage to find you, and you look towards the heavens, Why I wasn’t born deaf? The Xtra Premium Extra mileage girls :D
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4.       Newspaper- The ones who have all the knowledge of the world and beyond but forget their email passwords. Switched on once, they can overwhelm your head with all chatpata gossip. And end it with”Don’t tell this to anyone!”. Your go to girl for information about other girls.
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5.       Show off - The one who has iPhone 4 but doesn’t know what iStore is. The one who wears the trendiest clothes and says “OMG! What are you wearing”. The ones who wear shades in night parties :P
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6.      Ladaaku- Always ready with a mouthful. Can take worse words in her stride, but once she gets a chance she makes sure she delivers it back with compound interest. The one who would never keep silent when a guy stalks her in a bus, the one who would ever pass by silently on any wrong doing.
      Pardon me madam for the word but I really have some real respect for you. I salute you for your perseverance and value you add to your profession.
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7.      Understanding- Those wonderful friends of yours. With them you can share your world and trust them for your life. They always support you and are always there through thick and thin. The ones you would love to keep close throughout your life.
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8.      Tota- The pretty girls he sees across the streets, parties and festivals. A glimpse of you leaves him stunned and silenced. Breathe in breathe out! Sigh!
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9.      Kaash- The ones he wishes for so dearly. Innocent, yet genuine school and college crushes. Everyone knows them. She walks across and fragrant breeze starts evading heart and soul, and troublesome friends, start pinching …  Ahaa!!
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10. Life- The one and only one that you have by your side and you commit to be her forever. No matter how many totas he sees around. Every guy has one girl in his life who he values more than his life.      
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A woman is a diamond of innumerable facets each hiding some sparks and showing a glint. Amazing isn’t it? She has changed a lot from her yester years to today. She is much more confident, self reliant, and can lead her life on her own two feet. I salute that spirit. But one thing that deters it is the fact that women are still counted among the ones behind the line. She can’t walk across the road with assurance. She still has to fear perverts around everywhere. She is given a second status. Gullible, weak- I hate those adjectives.
Why? Will this ever improve?
I am unsure. 
Until a woman herself decides to step it up and hit back.
Until a woman starts to deny the preferences she gets, you can't dream of equality. Reservations extend from a bus to the parliament, I wonder if a woman needs it.
As long as she keeps accepted such giveaways she can’t free herself from the shackles. You can't dream to be uplifted taking the backseat yourself.

Lastly, we respect you, we love you, and we can’t live without you.
Thanks for being there.

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