Destitution | Beautiful Sadness, Soothing Pain, Love, Poem, Video

Each one of us has at least one person in our lives that we value more than our lives. If you don’t have one, you’ll find that someone special for you one day or the other. Suppose you had one, and you had a tiff, a bad one and you suddenly land upon a situation that you can’t bear. You don’t want to be together, but you can’t be apart. Once so close, now so far. You can’t talk to each other, you can’t see each other, and all you can do is to shed tears alone. The alienation is unbearably painful…

You want it back, but you don’t wish to take the first step… I wonder why !

If ever it happened to you, I am really sorry.


I never perceived,
Someone so close someday..
Doesn’t care anymore,
Has parted her way..

Whose arms were the world I knew,
I lost grasp of her hand, today..
Talking to who time used to flow,
I could not call her name today

The one I used to stare at for life,
I couldn’t look into her eyes..
The one whose presence was a delight,
Today I could not grab her sight..

The severed bond severed me too,
I know I can’t live without you..
For the first time I feel so incomplete,
I realized whose in my heartbeat..

My vagabond self never spared a thought,
In whose heart I had been caught..
Humming carefree songs, worries apart,
I just never listened to my heart..

Every boulevard seems deserted,
This chatter box has been quieted..
What could not be done by years of benevolence,
Has been done by a moment of divergence..

I wonder I have a heart,
I am also humane..
The one who always believed love was insane,
Is now in love with this incredible mystic pain..

For those who ever felt love or guess they are close to it...they would realize it that its quite true.. You feel someone's worth in one's absence.. The big vacancy that she can create in your life is unimaginable till the moment you actually go through it...'s complicated!

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